Album premiere: Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine “Tennessee Beach”

We’re premiering the rather fantastic new album from Nashville’s Eagle Johnson & Clean Machine this morning, the best artist called Eagle since Eye Cherry and a band who make “raw, left-of-center rock & roll” (we like all four bits of that).  Recorded in three days at East Nashville’s Bomb Shelter studio, the album is their full-length debut, a batch of guitar-driven songs about “loving, leaving, and living with intention.”

Eagle told us: “I grew up near the beach and I have a deep love for the ocean and surfing. Moving to Nashville left me with a deep longing for all of that. I concluded that if I couldn’t go to the beach, I’d bring it to me. Tennessee Beach is a fantasy land that I can journey to in the middle of a blizzard. It’s an escape from the toxic news headlines of today and cold winters to a sonic paradise that anyone can go to without a plane ticket, a car, or even leaving their house or apartment or whatever. The album nods to the country twang of the “Nashville sound” and paints it with the psychedelic pop vibrations of beach life in my mind. It’s a meatloaf of an album. It has a little of everything.”  And in good old-fashioned style you can listen to it via two parts below and imagine you’re flipping over vinyl.  Look out for a review on AUK soon.


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Author: Mark Whitfield

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