Album premiere: Whiskey in the Pines “Sunshine From the Blue Cactus”

While Whiskey in the Pines hail from Florida, synonymous with endless sunshine and miles of beaches, the ocean is still a long way from the band’s hometown Tallahassee (not so far from us here in Liverpool, although maybe without the endless sunshine). We’ve got a preview for you today of their new record: “Sunshine From The Blue Cactus” weaves together alt-country, folk and classic rock influences, with echoes of Son Volt and the Drive-By Truckers. 

Singer-songwriter David Lareau told AUK: “When it comes to writing, my biggest influence would be in the vein of Noel Gallagher or the likes of Kelly Jones. Big choruses that have peaks and valleys in the melody and engage the listener to want to sing along. I think all great songs are country songs, in the end, they’re just dolled up with different instruments or faster BPM’s to make them mould to the genre of your liking. With this record it is was a conscious decision to blend the styling of Brit-pop with some of my favourite alt-country records. It was interesting bringing the pedal steel in and the unique instrumentation throughout the record and layering that over the songs.  The end result was something we were really proud of and in a way, we created this unique sound which is now something we get to hold on to and claim as our own.” Hear for yourself below.

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