Alicia Stockman “These Four Walls”

Independent, 2021

An album that has its moments but doesn’t break boundaries.

Alicia Stockman’s ten-track debut album ‘These Four Walls’ is a solid opening to a promising solo career. The album begins with the bouncy western, ‘Stay Between The Lines’, a song about pushing boundaries and finding yourself either side of them. It shows off Alicia’s vocals well and the guitar is excellent throughout the track. Title track ‘These Four Walls’, in Alicia’s own words, is a song that helps her ‘process a former relationship in which my partner had severe depression/anxiety disorder’. Although perhaps the most powerful song in its lyrics and stripped-down melody, the vocals are the weakest here throughout the album.

Already receiving awards for her songwriting and performance, ‘Lonely Together’ is the standout of the album, where Alicia is back to her best combining powerful vocals with excellent lyrics. The harmonies are wonderful here, and combined with the melodic guitar, you have a clear standout track.

The LP keeps moving on, and that holds it in good stead, and at 10 songs long is the perfect length. Concluding on the ethereal ‘Grace’, it is again beautifully melodic. You can’t help but wonder whether Alicia’s vocals would be better off suited alongside a permanent choir with how well the harmonies work throughout.

Overall, Alicia Stockman’s debut LP is one that definitely deserves a listen – it won’t be the last you hear from her.


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