Amanda Cook “Lonesome Leaving Train” – Listen

Lonesome Leaving Train‘ is the new single from Amanda Cook’s album ‘Narrowing the Gap‘, her third for Mountain Fever Records which is released on March 26th.  In good traditional bluegrass fashion it sounds as up-tempo as a steam train speeding downhill, but in the way of those trains (think ‘Old ’97’) the lyrics tell quite a different tale.   ‘Lonesome Leaving Train‘ features a heady mix of a betrayed bride, shame and a rash act and a haunting.  And that, folks, really is folk music.

The album title has a particular meaning, as Amanda Cook elaborated: “I began this journey in 2013 with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish. I believe that this project shows that we are narrowing the gap from the start of this journey to where we want to be.”

And because we know you care about such things, that vibrant banjo is courtesy of Carolyne Van Lierop-Boone.  And because the rest of the band do a stand up job too they are – Aaron Foster on guitar, George Mason on fiddle and Josh Faul on bass and harmony vocal.

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