Andrew Weiss And Friends “When It Rains, It Really F**ks Up My Mood” – Guns, Guns, Guns

You know that the song isn’t really called that, and it’s not that we’re squeamish about words it’s just that if we use the unbleeped version it messes with whatever the internet search facility of choice is being used.  Because we care so much about the detrimental effects of “bad words”.  And yeah, replacing every adjective with a four-letter one is harmful for the development of fluid and rewarding language skills.  Andrew Weiss knows this, but the point here is that there are things that can be more detrimental to one’s life chances – it’s just that in some places no-one like to talk about them.  So the word “fuck” is terrible but as he asks “Aren’t you angry ? Aren’t you embarrassed? Aren’t you tired? Let’s change the subject.  But twenty-one kids got shot today when they woke up this morning with smiles on their faces. Twenty-one kids got shot today when some guy bought a gun on his birthday.

When it Rains, it Really Fucks Up My Mood‘ is not just an abstract pro-gun control song, as Andrew Weiss explains: “I wish this song didn’t have to be written, but yet, here we are. This song was birthed over the two days following the mass shooting in Uvalde a few months ago, and recorded during the following week. It was written, produced, recorded, and mixed in solitude. The lyrics express my concern with our society’s numbness to these shootings, when something as simple as bad weather can stir up a more intense reaction than these horrific, senseless acts. The song is accompanied by breathtaking artwork, contributed by Texas based artist Patrick Gabaldon. The artwork references the dark truth that one of the victims was only able to be identified by her shoes. What the fuck. We cannot become numb. Something must be done to protect the lives of these innocent people. My intention is pure. All proceeds from this song will be donated to organizations fighting to end gun violence, beginning with Everytown.”

With a heavy heart we await the inevitable negative responses, but just to save time: we don’t agree with you.

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