Anna Ash to tour UK in September

Anna Ash has announced an eleven-date tour of the UK which starts on September 6th in High Wycombe. The tour promotes her most recent album ‘Sleeper’ which came out on Black Mesa Records in January 2021 and which we described at the time as having “Beautifully articulate lyrics to atmospheric vocals.”

Regarding the tour, Ash said: “I’m trying to think of the right word – frightening is too dramatic, surreal is too abstract – but there’s a very specific feeling associated with getting a chance to tour a country in this way. I think most bands get used to only playing the big, major cities around the world, and last year when I toured the UK for the first time, I was so nervous to learn that in some of the smaller towns, thirty people was considered a good turnout. What I didn’t realize was that all thirty of those people were going to talk to me afterwards about which songs they liked the most, and all thirty were going to buy records or connect with me on social media. The quality of audiences in the UK is profound, and every show last year had an element of charm and pleasant surprise. I’m grateful to be returning to many of the venues I played last year, a little sad to not be able to spend more time in Scotland, but excited to visit a few new places.“.

You can find tickets to the shows on the artist’s website.

06/09 –  Kingsmead House Concert, High Wycombe
07/09 – The Folklore Rooms, Brighton
08/09 – Base Camp, Middlesbrough
09/09 –  The Globe, Newcastle upon Tyne
10/09 – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow
11/09 – Black Dyke Mills, Bradford
13/09 – Kitchen Garden Cafe, Birmingham
14/09 – The Chambers, Folkestone
15/09 – The Swiss Cottage Sessions, Twyford, Winchester
17/09 – The Bridge Inn, Topsham, Exeter
18/09 – The Green Note, London

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