AUK’s Chain Gang: Dale Watson “One More Once More”

For the last few weeks members of our Chain Gang have been indulging themselves with a few musical tipples culminating in Tim Newby’s selection of the excellent Darrell Scott’s ‘It’s the Whiskey That Eases the Pain’. Now, like all drinkers I started with the intention of stopping at this point, but all kinds of great drinking songs kept popping into my head leading me to think in true drinking style “Oh go on then, just one more”.  Initially two songs were vying for my final selection, Webb Pierce’s ‘There Stands the Glass’ and Dwight Yoakam’s fatalistic ‘This Drinkin’ Will Kill Me’. However, both were ultimately set aside when the perfect song leapt into my head from absolutely nowhere. A song that sums the whole essence of wanting to carry on the drinking theme a little bit longer: Dale Watson’s ‘One More Once More’.

Dale Watson I’m sure, needs no introduction to AUK readers. He’s been a consistent champion of real country music, making a succession of excellent records and earning a reputation for putting on live shows as hot as the Chihuahuan Desert. This song is the title track from Watson’s 2003 album subtitled ‘Dale Watson’s Honky Tonk Swing Album’ for fairly obvious reasons. Maybe next week will bring a change of theme, but there again it could be ‘one more once more’.

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