AUK’s Chain Gang: Sam Outlaw “Jesus Take the Wheel (And Drive Me to a Bar)”

Last week’s chain featured Hayes Carll whose song ‘Jesus and Elvis’, from his 2019 release ‘What It Is’ tells the story of the owner of a bar who had to see her son off to Vietnam one Christmas Eve, only to never see him return.

From one song then featuring Jesus and a bar to another – this time slightly more tongue in cheek, from California’s Sam Outlaw’s debut album ‘Angeleno’ which still sounds as fresh today as when it was first released in 2015. Outlaw looks for salvation through the son of God driving him to a bar where he can drown his sorrows “with dim light and alcohol”. Hey in this scenario, Jesus even lets him listen to all his “favourite country songs” and is adapt at not just saving the world, but also “real nice harmonies” when they sing along together.

Sam Outlaw’s latest single ‘For the Rest of Our Lives’ is out now.

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