AUK’s Chain Gang: squeezebox musings guide us to the birth of folk rock on “Adieu To All Judges And Juries”

Photo: J. Aird

The last link in the chain celebrated the power of the concertina and other associated squeezebox instruments, and noted that  “Jimmy Shand memories had similarly been set aside since Richard Thompson added the instrument to his version of folk rock back in the 70s.”  Richard Thompon, of course, has no qualms about the various sound boxes, and he also has a lingering affection for the music of Jimmy Shand, which is why ‘Don’t Sit On My Jimmy Shands‘ can be found on ‘Rumor and Sigh.’  On that recording the accordian is provided by John Kirkpatrick.

John Kirkpatrick has a genius for the accordian and the concertina and all other related instruments (a university friend of mine however did not – whilst he was in the Merchant Navy he was told that either the concertina he was trying to learn went over the side of the ship or he would) and he is no slouch as a singer either.  An opinion shared with Shirley Collins who has many times stated that John Kirkpatrick is her favourite folk singer.

So, the accordian got us to Richard Thompson by way of Jimmy Shand, and Thompson’s collaboration with John Kirkpatrick gets us to Shirley Collins and so that we don’t follow a complete Six Steps To…  thought process let’s just bid this current chain of thought Adieu.

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