AUK’s Chain Gang: The Young’uns “Between The Wars”

Credit: Bryan Ledgard

This week, we are staying on this side of the pond for the Chain Gang. The temptation to go from Billy Bragg covering Woodie Guthrie songs to a Billy Bragg song being covered by unique trio The Young’uns was just too great. The highly-acclaimed, award-winning acapella trio that is The Young’uns is quite simply enthralling. A vocal harmony group from the North East of England, songwriter Sean Cooney, Michael Hughes and David Eagle (also an award-winning comedian) can make you laugh and cry with their powerful, topical tales.

Their album ‘Strangers‘ was voted Best Album at the 2018 BBC Folk Awards, but it is their cover of Braggs’ ‘Between The Wars‘ from their album ‘Another Man’s Ground‘, which has provided this week’s link in our chain. The beauty of their spine-tingling version brings such added poignancy to Bragg’s message. The song, written at a time of great political tensions at the time of the British miners’ strike gives a universal message for our time and all times.

Currently on tour in the UK, hopefully, they are at a venue near you because you really don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience their glorious harmonies. Their largely original catalogue of songs are moving, powerful, topical tales sung with beauty, heart and humour. Their collective vocal musicality is such that they really don’t need other instruments. However, guitars, piano accordion and keyboard do feature at times.

Treat yourself to a listen to The Young’uns’ version of ‘Between The Wars‘ by Billy Bragg.

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Great choice Viv.