AUK’s Chain Gang: Waxahatchee “Can’t Do Much”

Last week in our ongoing chain of americana, Mark Underwood chose a song by Florida born Joshua Hedley whose most recent album ‘Mr. Jukebox’ was released on Jack White’s Third Man Records label earlier this year. It’s been an amazing label over the years, particularly for its breadth of output genre-wise (and if you are ever in Nashville, recording 3 minutes of anything and watching a machine spit vinyl out at you is something to behold). Somebody else who has previously had records released by Third Man is Birmingham, Alabama band Waxahatchee which was formed in 2010 by American singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. This year saw the release of their most acclaimed album to date ‘Saint Cloud’ which The Observer called the record of the year, although it was only February. ‘Can’t Do Much’ is one example of why they might be right.

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