John Murry brings decay to a town near you

John Murry’s UK tour still has a handful of dates left. Bringing songs from this year’s superb album ‘A Short History Of Decay’, as well as a brace of older material, Murry’s work is dark and stark. Following on from 2012’s album acclaimed work ‘The Graceless Age’, this new work sees Murry open up a little more with tales of addiction and grief, of pain and despair, but also of redemption and new beginnings. There’s a brooding, Nick Cave style swagger, the despair of Mark Linkous, and it feels, as Murry looks, like it could all break down at any minute. It’s that fragility that makes it so appealing. It’s taut and balancing on the edge of something devastating. Continue reading “John Murry brings decay to a town near you”