Record Store Day titles to include 35th-anniversary Townes Van Zandt album

November 25th sees the return of the “Black Friday” Record Store Day and once again the list of releases has many albums to delight any Americana fan. Among the vinyl being released are some rare live recordings, previously unreleased gems, remasters, anniversary editions, interviews, and even a rare soundtrack. It is quite the event! Here are a few from the list we at Americana UK are preordering (edit: or at least looking forward to) at our local record shops:

  • Brandi Carlile – ‘In These Silent Days’
  • The Flying Burrito Brothers – ‘Live From The Bottom Line NYC 1976′
  • Townes Van Zandt – ‘At My Window‘ (35th-anniversary rerelease)
  • Frank Black and the Catholics – ‘One More Road for the Hit
  • Willie Nelson – ‘Live at Budokan
  • John Williams – ‘The Cowboy‘ (OST)
  • Big Bill Broonzy – ‘Live 1953
  • Fleetwood Mac – ‘Alternative Collection‘ (8LP boxset)
  • Harry Chapin – ‘Story of a Life – The Complete Hit Singles

You can peruse the full list here, and locate a participating record store here.


  1. You’re lucky if you at Americana UK can pre-order. I thought the whole point of RSD was that you had to physically queue to collect the rarities with no favouritism. Anyway, there’s plenty of informed discussion now about how RSD is a pain for record collectors who buy 365 days a year and for indie shops. Local indie stores in and around Bristol now just don’t bother…

    • Thanks for the alternative perspective! Not all of the records are exclusive to RSD luckily and we can all enjoy music regardless of when and what we choose to buy. ✌🏻

      • The problem is that if they are exclusive to RSD and limited editions, they are now too frequently subject to extortionate pricing. And your article suggests they can be preordered by music writers which clearly goes against the original spirit of RSD!!
        Have a look at the FB thread of ‘Raves from the Grave’, Billy Bragg’s fave store I believe, a great indie. Their decision not to engage and the discussion thread shows how RSD has lost its way.

        • Your passion is commended. Writers and otherwise can order some of the albums after the date. I have changed my article to reflect this. Thanks for pointing out the error and happy listening.

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