Calista Garcia “Kalamazoo” – exuberant rock and roll influences

Photo: Blayne Keysar

Now Calista Garcia does mention in this song that she’d like to run all the way to Kalamazoo.  Which sounds like a long way – and might be if it’s measured from New York where Calista Garcia can be often found.  Then our old friend Google Maps tells us that’s going to take 232 hours and covers 701 miles.  But that’s walking pace.  And, who knows, Calista Garcia might be in Oshtemo and only have a mere 5 miles to run.  Precision is what we’re lacking here.  That’s the  only thing though as ‘Kalamazoo‘ is stuffed full of upbeat lyrics and catchy piano hooks and a guitar break that just buzzes and crackles.  It is, Calista says “a hugely danceable tribute to classic rock, with the glamor and whimsy of Elton John.  To keep it authentic — the track as well as the rest of the forthcoming album [‘Confessions’]— was recorded live with all players in the room, on the legendary Neve console. ‘Kalamazoo’ is a three and a half minute party track coming right on time to break up those winter blues.’

And who are we to argue with that – here’s a song that’s just fun and uplifting and it might be the only such to grace the pages of Americana UK this year – we do love our music of dark and foreboding themes.  But who knows?  We may have turned a corner (we haven’t).


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