Casey Penn “We Go Together Like A Guitar And A Fiddle” – matched in love

Casey Penn takes a Bluegrass slant on love with ‘We Go Together Like A Guitar And A Fiddle‘, where others might suggest a horse and carriage Penn offers the suggestion that the perfect combination is a classic guitar and fiddle pairing singing: “we go together like a guitar and a fiddle / melody and rhythm meeting in the middle / Each holding down our part and giving just a little.”  It’s as light and breezy as the lyrics suggest – making it a little ray of sunshine in a dark January.  This is one you’ll be humming all day – so sorry for that (but not that sorry, it’s lovely).

This is Casey’s third single release from her upcoming album, ‘One Step Away’, which will be released on February 10th.  Featured on the track are Jason Roller on guitar and fiddle, Tim Raybon on harmony vocals, Justin Moses on banjo and mandolin, and Kevin Grant on upright bass.  Casey Penn co-wrote the tune with Sarah Winn and Eben Salter at a song camp several years back. “Eben began playing a start to the wonderful melody, and the words flowed out from all three of us from there. It was a pleasure and one of my earliest co-writing collaborations,” explained Casey.


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