Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jess Guise

These are strange times and many are isolating or just feel isolated.  To help life the gloom and spread some joy, we have been asking some of our favourite artists to record exclusive ‘mini-gigs’, performing just for you, dear reader.  Today’s show comes from Jess Guise.  ‘Countdown’ is a song Guise wrote about having to wait to see someone she loved, someone far away.  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jess Guise”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeremy Pinnell

When times are tough, we need to find ways to come together and celebrate.  Many of us find joy in live music… now that’s in short supply at the moment, so we’re sharing ‘mini-gigs’ from great artists to compensate.  Jeremy Pinnell has a wonderfully characterful voice, used to full effect on Gary Stewart’s ‘Blue Ribbon Blues’ and ‘Big Bright World’ from his debut solo album, ‘OH / KY’Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jeremy Pinnell”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jerry Leger

What a fantastic way to close out a week of exclusive AUK mini-gigs!  Every day this week, we have brought you a different artist, showcasing their talent and performing just for you.  It’s a small gesture to make up for all those cancelled gigs and it’s a little light in the darkness.  Today, that shining light is Jerry Leger. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Jerry Leger”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Satin Nickel

Here’s another exclusive house-gig from Americana UK.  We’re bringing these to you to help keep the nation smiling!  This is a great opportunity for us to see some fabulous songs performed in new ways.  It’s also a platform for artists who are stuck at home to show us what they can do.  Today we are delighted to share this exclusive recording from Samantha Aneson and Morgan Hollingsworth of New York band Satin Nickel. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Satin Nickel”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Ian Roland & The Subtown Set

We continue our mission, dear reader, to delight and entrance you with exclusive performances from great artists.  Gigs and festivals have been cancelled all around us, stealing away those precious opportunities to share musical and social experiences.  Here is the next best thing.  Ian Roland has been kind enough to record two songs for us, ‘Songbirds’ and ‘In the Darkness’, both taken from the new album, ‘Double Rainbow’Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Ian Roland & The Subtown Set”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Whitacre

Here at AUK, we’re trying to keep spirits high during these strange days by asking some great artists to record exclusive live mini-gigs just for you, dear reader!  Denver-based Whitacre make folk music with a little extra grit – they call their style ‘mountain rock’.  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Whitacre”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Ags Connolly

In these strange times when people around the world are literally living in isolation, we are trying to spread a little joy by asking some of our favourite acts to perform exclusive mini-gigs for the AUK community.  This is a real treat: two songs from the great Ags Connolly.  Beautiful songwriting, perfect guitar playing and characterful vocals – it’s all here to help get you through!  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Ags Connolly”

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Frank Turner

In troubled times, we all need something to lift us.  We all need a little light in the gloom.  This is when music becomes even more important because it binds us together and connects people, even when there are no mass gatherings.  We may not be physically in a concert hall with you dancing, listening, singing along. But we are still united in our love for music and one another and this is still a shared experience.  Amongst all the cancelled gigs, tours and festivals, we’ve asked some of our favourite acts to perform, just for you, a mini-gig, a single song to bring some joy.  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Frank Turner”