Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Sheri Miller

Through our ongoing series of mini-gigs, we have been showcasing excellent performers and providing you with a little taste of what it’s like to experience these artists live.  These exclusive recordings were particularly important during lockdowns when we music lovers were unable to attend gigs.  However, even as the live music industry begins to tentatively open up, these mini-gigs have an enduring appeal.  The intimate shows reinforce the connection between musician and audience and they highlight artists our readers might wish to explore further, perhaps on the next tour.  Here, we have an absorbing mini-gig from New York-based singer-songwriter Sheri Miller.  This is an outstanding example of what a mini-gig can offer as Miller makes it feel like a truly live, personal experience.  She addresses the viewer directly, sharing stories about the songs and how she feels to be performing them.  She even asks us to sing along, so that the show becomes something to engage with rather than watch passively.  Huge thanks go to Miller for the energy and emotional commitment she makes to the performance.

Miller hopes we feel some love through her music.  Her hopes are surely realised.  She explains, “…there’s something really powerful and pleasurable and magical when you surrender to the moment, when you don’t try to make it happen, you allow it to happen…sometimes…a magic performance is better than an amazing performance.”  For this mini-gig, Miller performs two songs exclusively for AUK.  Firstly, she pours all her emotion into ‘Born to Love’ and gets lost in the music.  Then, she plays the more rhythmic, bluesy ‘Gold Hearted Man’.  Both songs are taken from Miller’s forthcoming EP, ‘Waking Up to this Miracle Life’, due for release on 19th November.  She worked with GRAMMY-winning producer Jeff Bova on the new material and calls the songs: “…radical acts of self-love and empowerment,” a description that reflects her emotional approach to both writing and delivery.  She continues: “Writing is a journey towards knowing yourself, towards becoming yourself.  For me, these songs are a huge step forward on this exciting path of self-discovery.”  From a musical background, Miller was already composing her own songs by the age of eight.  Now known for her uplifting approach music, she’s come a long way since those early days when she began to emerge as a songwriter.

On this showing, there’s a lot to look forward to from the new EP.  In the meantime, grab a drink, sit back, and experience this excellent mini-gig in the comfort of home.  And don’t forget to sing along when instructed.  Enjoy.

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