Don Mclean “Greenback Dollar” – Listen

It was a co-write by Hoyt Wayne Axton and Ken Ramsey which The Kingston Trio did pretty well with.  Here Don Mclean has given it his touch as one of the cuts on his new album ‘Still Playin’ Favourites‘,   a follow up to his 1973 album ‘Playin’ Favourites.‘  Both albums feature (as you may have guessed) covers of favourite songs. Continue reading “Don Mclean “Greenback Dollar” – Listen”

Something for the weekend: Bill Callahan and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “Deacon Blues”

That’s it for us this week dear reader. We leave you with another track from the made in heaven combination of Bill Callahan and Bonnie “Prince” Billy who have teamed up for another collaborative cover. Along with guitarist Bill MacKay, this time they’ve turned their talents to Steely Dan’s 1977 classic ‘Deacon Blues’ (they’re not covering the band Deacon Blue in case you speed-read the headline), a song Walter Becker called “a broken dream of a broken man living a broken life”. The video is directed by Michael Tully, and features a woman finding some money on the ground and necking Gatorade, before watching projections of Callahan and Billy on a house. All par for the course. Have a good one.

Jim Basnight “Laser Love” – Listen

Jim Basnight – of the Moberlys, The Jim Basnight Thing, and  The Rockinghams – has a new album out entitled ‘Jokers, Idols and Misfits.‘   It’s an album of covers that reveal where Jim Basnight has come from on his grunge/ power pop / just plain rocking journey through music. Continue reading “Jim Basnight “Laser Love” – Listen”

Natalie D-Napoleon “Thunder Rumour” – Listen

Basically the deal with the Tracks section is that we’re aiming to bring you a song that’ll mark your day, and hopefully much longer.  It’s a hit-and-miss strategy but today we’re willing to gamble the Xmas Drinks kitty that Natalie D-Napoleon’s ‘Thunder Rumour‘ will knock a few socks off.  Continue reading “Natalie D-Napoleon “Thunder Rumour” – Listen”

Dead Rock West “Revolution In The Garden” – Listen

Dead Rock West, The LA rock band led by vocalist Cindy Wasserman and singer-guitarist Frank Lee Drennen, had a new single out before the recent Presidential election.  It’s a gutsy demand for change, questioning why money is always king and compassion is for suckers: “the lights go out / And the house grows cold  / And I wonder what it’s like / To be a billionaire In America.Continue reading “Dead Rock West “Revolution In The Garden” – Listen”

Track Premiere: Silverback Colony “I Want More”

Silverback Colony are a loose musical collective made up of members from a number of bands gathered around guitarist Gabriel Douglas.  From a humble start as a rough and ready jam band in a North American Irish Pub, Silverback Colony became, as they put it “a band that could morph and meld into any sonic landscape it found itself in. A group of individuals that co-existed between notes and between growls as force to be reckoned with, from low shimmers to soaring, unleashed guitar gymnastics.”  Continue reading “Track Premiere: Silverback Colony “I Want More””

Eve Adams “You’re Not Wrong” – Listen

Wistful is the word that comes to mind as Eve Adams sings the melancholic ‘You’re Not Wrong.‘  It’s a song that’s shot through with a retro-feel, this time the “old times” being resurrected are an imagined 1930s jazz infused crooner sensibility.  It’s a song which drifts on waves of strings and, yes, saxophone – the latter provided by Eve Adams’ frequent musical collaborator Military Genius.  And yes, we also wonder what his parents could have been thinking. Continue reading “Eve Adams “You’re Not Wrong” – Listen”

Anna Rose “How To Leave LA” – Listen

Anna Rose has lived the same life as everyone else this year.  Tour planned then plans up in the air with Covid.  What to do?  Well, in Anna Rose’s case the replacement plan has been to produce live EPs under the encompassing project name ‘In the Flesh’ which offer all acoustic versions of the songs from Rose’s highly acclaimed album, ‘The Light Between.’ Continue reading “Anna Rose “How To Leave LA” – Listen”

Shayna Adler “Stagecoach Sally” – Listen

Shayna Adler’s new album ‘Wander‘ is a pretty unique concept – it’s takes a leaf out of the world of role-playing game’s in which the lead character navigates an imaginary world’  On ‘Wander’ Shayna tells a continuous story: following the journey of one woman through a more fantastical and wilder world than we usually imagine. Continue reading “Shayna Adler “Stagecoach Sally” – Listen”

Mink’s Miracle Medicine “At The Fair” – Listen

It’s Autumn and the travelling fair rolls into town – fortunately this isn’t Dark’s Carnival, rather it’s the opportunity for a moment of dizzying small town revelry and. who knows, some romance on the side. Continue reading “Mink’s Miracle Medicine “At The Fair” – Listen”