The Good Ones “Where Did You Go Wrong, My Love” – Listen

To be honest we’ve never really been that happy with the term “World Music” as it implies that everything that isn’t “World Music” comes from somewhere else – Another Planet, presumably.  Which is a preambly kinda way of saying that the insanely earwormey guitar based The Good Ones hail out of Rwanda.  They are currently in the process of breaking America – apparently the first Rwandan band ever to tour there – and on this track are joined by Nels Cline of Wilco.

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GospelbeacH “Let It Burn” – Listen

GospelbeacH have a new album coming out on the 4th of October, and it’s called ‘Let It Burn‘ which just happens to also be the title of this new song from the band.  Coincidence?  Well, not so much.  What can we tell you about GospelbeacH that you don’t already know ?  Well, the new album is counted as their third proper studio album – and it sounds dreamily exquisite,and on this song it’s hard to miss the wonderfully soaring guitar solos which come from the late Neal Casal Continue reading “GospelbeacH “Let It Burn” – Listen”

Songs for the apocalypse: Wilco “She’s a Jar”

‘Summerteeth’ was the album that turned the masses on to Wilco, well the masses by relative americana terms, and it’s crazy to think that it was twenty – twenty! – years ago that it landed. Creating their own rift of what americana should sound like, the album included moog, banjo, tambourine, and piano among other instrumentation, underpinning Jeff Tweedy’s cracked vocals. ‘She’s a Jar’ was the highlight for me with its almost dream-like arrangement which carries lyrics such as “watch me floating inches above the people under me.” It’s a timeless track from an album which still sounds like a modern classic today.

Woods End “Pickaxe” – Listen

Woods End started out in 2012 in Umeå, and the Swedish melancholic folk-rock band released their second album, the imaginative entitled ‘II‘ last year and have now started working on the follow up (and dare we guess at it being called ‘III‘?).  Today’s song, ‘Pickaxe‘, is something of a taster for the new material. Continue reading “Woods End “Pickaxe” – Listen”

Matt Dorien “Teddy Wilson” – Listen

Matt Dorrien walks a while in Harry Nilsson’s shoes on his new song ‘Teddy Wilson‘, named for the jazz pianist who played with the likes of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.  It’s Matt Dorrien’s first single since the release of his debut album ‘In the Key of Grey‘ and its retro-sound and gentle calming balm of a tune is quite deliberate on Matt Dorrien’s part. Continue reading “Matt Dorien “Teddy Wilson” – Listen”

Barzin “Blue Factory Flame” – Listen

Taken from the ‘Studio 13 Session Live at Revolution Recordings‘ EP (and read the review here) this recording of Jason Molina’s ‘Blue Factory Flame‘ is a stunning interpretation – eerily spooky and the interplay with Diana Blanche’s vocals is hypnotically beautiful.  Should you spend the whole day listening to it then we apologise – but we’ve also done you a favour.
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Sturgill Simpson “Mercury in Retrogade” – Listen

We leave you for this week dear reader with a track from Sturgill Simpson’s new album ‘Sound and Fury’ which it’s fair to say is getting fairly glowing reviews (The Guardian this morning said: “it’s hard to think of anyone else who’s done it by making an album as gripping and enjoyable as this” and gave it 5 stars). We’ll have a review for you when we pull our fingers out. Have a good one – see you next week.

Black Sea Dahu “How You Swallowed Your Anger” – Listen

Black Sea Dahu’s Janine Cathrein, the Swiss songwriter, found herself musing after two failed relationships that there was nothing left for her on land – this thought went swimming through her brain whilst surfing.  Desperate thoughts though are grist to the songwriting mill – so out of this low-point came a new five-song EP ‘No Fire in the Sand‘ which is released today. Continue reading “Black Sea Dahu “How You Swallowed Your Anger” – Listen”

Track Premiere: EG Vines “Love Is A Gift”

A lot of people get to this music that we loosely term Americana by less than direct paths, and EG Vines is one of those who started elsewhere.  Vines’ first bands were of the alt-rock variety whilst he was growing up in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Then it was on to The Bandoliers and a stint on the blues and Southern rock scene  around Nashville. Continue reading “Track Premiere: EG Vines “Love Is A Gift””

Songs for the apocalypse: The Jayhawks “Sound of Lies”

It’s one of those paradoxes in life that while in my head I prefer the Jayhawks with Mark Olson, in reality some of my favourite songs by the band are from the era when he was no longer a member. The title track from the first record recorded without Olson back in 1997 was as exceptional as anything they’d produced before, with a lyrical honesty and melody that absolutely crushed me on first listen. Gary Louris’ vocals have never sounded so vulnerable. There was a raw nostalgia to lines such as “When I was young, outspoken, Mama said it’ll work out right.”  Sometimes of course it doesn’t.