Dean Summerwind “Parked By The Lake” – Listen

We’re hoping we’re not too late to the punchline on this one, but this song by Dean Summerwind (not his real name) is getting some interest because it takes a song by Dustin Christensen (that is his real name) and completely reworks it to humorous effect.  And goodness knows we could all do with the occasional laugh.  Continue reading “Dean Summerwind “Parked By The Lake” – Listen”

Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen

The sound of the modern world is guitar and banjo, and that’s a sound that Denver’s Whiteacre have plenty of, alongside the percussive driving force of a drum kit.  In Whiteacre’s case that guitar is as likely to be electric and ripping across the more acoustic elements as harmony vocals keep the whole arrangement grounded.  Continue reading “Whiteacre “Peach” – Listen”

Eric and the Soo “Great Northern Road” – Listen

Eric Brombacher, the acoustic guitar and vocals of Toronto based roots-rock outfit Eric & The Soo, found ‘Great Northern Road‘ on Tim Ryan’s debut album ‘The Runner‘ which came out in 1970.  Tim Ryan hailed from the same hometown as Eric Brombacher – Sault Ste. Marie (aka ‘The Soo‘) – and as someone who had recently returned to the area to live the album, and this song in particular, really chimed with Eric – so much so that he added ‘Great Northern Road‘ to the band’s repertoire. Continue reading “Eric and the Soo “Great Northern Road” – Listen”

Songs for the apocalypse: Great Lake Swimmers “When It Flows”

Two of my favourite bands in the world are Great Lakes (Ben Crum’s indie-americana project from Georgia) and Great Lake Swimmers, the quintet currently based in a little known village north of Athens called Toronto. I often go to play one and then plump for the other. This happened on the weekend where I reacquainted myself with the Swimmers’ ‘Bodies and Minds’ record from 2005 which was quiet and melancholic, but left me feeling euphoric at times. The track ‘When It Flows’ was a highlight with its reflection that “The roar of an action silences all the words, The cry of an accomplishment Drowns the whimper of ten thousand words”. 

Samantha Sidley “Drive Like I Never Been Hurt” – Listen

Certainly not everything that Samantha Sidley sings – after all she claims Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and  Billie Holiday as influences – would turn up on Americana UK, but we’re happy to have this cover of Ry Cooder’s song to feature today.  With rolling drums and almost-mariachi trumpets it gets into that dusty corner of desert rock Americana, Howe Gelb territory if you will.  Continue reading “Samantha Sidley “Drive Like I Never Been Hurt” – Listen”

The Lone Bellow “Wonder” – Listen

The Lone Bellow – Zach Williams, Kanene Donehey Pipkin, Brian Elmquist – have announced the release of their new album, ‘Half Moon Light‘ (Dualtone Records, an Entertainment One Company).  It’s  the band’s fourth studio LP and their first since 2017, it’ll appear on 7th February 2020.  ‘Wonder‘ is the first single – it is dense, word heavy, and pulses with a regretful  emotion, a sense of something good that was allowed to go to waste through carelessness and inattention.  Continue reading “The Lone Bellow “Wonder” – Listen”

Bob Dylan “Lay Lady Lay (Take 2)” – Listen


It’s 1969 and Dylan is not doing the same as everyone else – he’s beating his own path to Nashville and will cut an album that is unique within his body of work – it’s country.  Everyone else may be blazing a psychedelic path – but Bob Dylan had a set of songs he wanted to record and he was studio ready.  The result was ‘Nashville Skyline‘, and that preparedness meant there weren’t many takes or variations on the songs – this time they were not “studio evolved“. Continue reading “Bob Dylan “Lay Lady Lay (Take 2)” – Listen”

The Secret Sisters have a new album and UK dates

The Secret Sisters –  Laura and Lydia Rogers – return early next year with a new album ‘Saturn Return‘ (to be released February 28th 2020 on New West Records) and a double visit to the UK – the first will be in January for one-off appearances at Celtic Connections and at the Americana Music Association UK’s AmericanaFest in swinging Hackney.  The longer tour will be in June. Continue reading “The Secret Sisters have a new album and UK dates”

Lucy Dacus “Fools Gold” – Listen

Lucy Dacus has spent 2019 releasing holiday themed songs for all the biggies – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Independence Day, Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday.  All the big holidays.  Have you recovered from Springsteen’s Birthday yet?  That’s always a heavy one in these parts, finishing up with a drunken replay of the whole of ‘Nebraska‘.  Lucy Dacus, it appears, has recovered from the New Years Eve party that inspired this song. Continue reading “Lucy Dacus “Fools Gold” – Listen”