Brent Cobb “Shut Up and Sing” – Listen

Brent Cobb has a problem when someone tells him that “I can’t talk the way I do / Singers shouldn’t share their current affairs or worldly views“.  And when the suggestion is taken further, that he’s been paid to entertain so he should “shut up and sing”  it set him to thinking about what sort of thing he should sing. Continue reading “Brent Cobb “Shut Up and Sing” – Listen”

Track Premiere: The Neptunas “Mermaid A Go Go”

The ‘Mermaid A Go Go‘ is kinda a shady club, little more than a shack – you might think it’d be some kind of roadhouse, but where it is there’s no roads.  Here’s a hint – it’s only five clams to get into the place where the “mermen are flawless and the mermaids are bra-less“.   It’s the kind of place a Rock Lobster might hang out.  Still flailing around ?  OK.  Well, let’s let the band let you in on it: “The Neptunas have a shack down under the sea“.  Continue reading “Track Premiere: The Neptunas “Mermaid A Go Go””

Izzy Heltai “Songbird” – Listen

Izzy Heltai will release his debut album ‘Father‘ on October 9th, and this is the second single getting an advance release from it.  ‘Songbird‘ is a questioning song – to stay or to go, does it make a difference?  Would anyone notice either way?  Is one person more involved in this relationship than the other ?  Is there even a relationship? Continue reading “Izzy Heltai “Songbird” – Listen”

Steep Canyon Rangers “Honey On My Tongue” – Listen

The superb Steep Canyon Rangers work their bluegrass magic on this sweet new track from their new album ‘Arm in Arm‘ which hits the streets on October 16th.  ‘Honey on My Tongue‘  sounds a little like a breakup song, but actually draws on the difficulties of parenthood. Continue reading “Steep Canyon Rangers “Honey On My Tongue” – Listen”

Yo La Tengo “Wasn’t Born To Follow” – Listen

Yo La Tengo will release ‘Sleepless Night‘ a new 6-track EP on October 9th, via Matador Records.  It’s a set of covers of songs by the likes of Bob Dylan and The Delmore Brothers – and in this particular case the ever-relevant music of The Byrds. Continue reading “Yo La Tengo “Wasn’t Born To Follow” – Listen”

The Long Ryders “Down To The Well” – Listen

It’s been going on for months, but at last we’re getting the Covid-19 reward we deserve – yes, a lockdown era new release from those rock and roll gods The Long Ryders.  A new single, of which ‘Down to the Well‘ is the A-side, a co-write by Stephen McCarthy/Greg Sowders in which the astute may be able to detect the faintest trace of political comment. Continue reading “The Long Ryders “Down To The Well” – Listen”

Something for the weekend: GospelbeacH “In the Desert” (Live)

That’s it from us for another week. If you’re a new and emerging americana artist wherever you are in the world, don’t forget our new Twang Factor, kind of like the X-Factor but without the @rseholes (there we go again, we can’t swear in the first few lines of an article, Mailmunch doesn’t like it) – you can find more details of how to enter here. In the meantime we leave you for the weekend dear reader with a track taken from the new live album by LA’s GospelbeacH – ‘Once Upon a Time in London’ was recorded at the beginning of March this year at the Betsey Trotwood, as they describe it “a mere fortnight before the world of live rock and roll seemed to stop in its tracks” and if nothing else serves as a reminder of just how great live music can be. You can buy the album and support the band here. Have a good one.

Track Premiere: Jake Winstrom “What’s the Over/Under”

Jangly guitar power pop is the first connection for Jake  Winstrom who’s new single ‘What’s the Over / Under‘ we’re premiering today here at Americana UK.   It’s a song equating luck in love with the ability to gamble correctly – we’re worried though ‘cos as he admits early on “I‘ve never had much of a handle / I’m what I want ’til I fuck it up.Continue reading “Track Premiere: Jake Winstrom “What’s the Over/Under””

Frank Turner “Falling In Love” – Listen

The album is ‘West Coast vs Wessex’ and the concept is fairly simple – it’s a split covers album with NOFX covering five of Frank’s songs, and Mr Turner returning the compliment with covers of five songs by NOFX.  And today’s song is one of those covers by Frank Turner. Continue reading “Frank Turner “Falling In Love” – Listen”

The Sea The Sea “A Thousand Years” – Listen

The Sea The Sea have, here, a gentle song extolling the rewards of patience: “We’ve been waiting, putting all our pennies in a jar” sings Chuck Costa, before the song broadens as Mira Costa, the other half of The Sea The Sea sweetly blends her vocal. Continue reading “The Sea The Sea “A Thousand Years” – Listen”