The Jayhawks “Bitter Pill” – Listen

‘Bitter Pill’ is the latest track to be lifted from the incoming Jayhawks album ‘XOXO’ which is due for release July 10th via Sham/Thirty Tigers, the band’s most collaborative and diverse record in their four-decade-long career. Gary Louris comments: “This is a rare example of me writing a story song. Continue reading “The Jayhawks “Bitter Pill” – Listen”

AUK’s Chain Gang: Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks “I Scare Myself”

Last week’s Chain Gang track was Hot Club of Cowtown’s ‘Pennies From Heaven’ and it is impossible to imagine artists like Hot Club of Cowtown without the ground breaking example of that true eccentric Dan Hicks who mixed retro styles with his own humorous and original compositions played on generally acoustic instruments. Dan first came to prominence as the drummer, singer and main songwriter with the original San Francisco ’60s band The Charlatans, who mixed jug band, country and blues music and were a major influence on the then emerging San Francisco sound. Continue reading “AUK’s Chain Gang: Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks “I Scare Myself””

Oxygenpony “Twenty One” – Listen

It’s been a long time – like a decade – since we last heard from Paul Megna who’s previous band, Oxygen Ponies, produced a trio of albums featuring memorable hazy dreamlike music – with a tendency to veer towards the darker dreams, the ones that really stay in the mind. Continue reading “Oxygenpony “Twenty One” – Listen”

Something for the weekend: Ruston Kelly “Radio Cloud”

We leave you this week dear reader with a new track out today from the forthcoming album ‘Shape & Destroy’ which comes out August 28th on his new label home Rounder Records, and which we’re already chomping at the bit for. Reflecting on the album, Kelly says: “Making this record definitely taught me that I don’t want to be selfish: I want to channel something larger than myself and give myself to the process as fully as possible, because these songs also become the story of whoever hears them. Whatever someone might get out of listening to this record and hearing me express myself in this way, it’s completely theirs.” Have a good one.

Dixie no more – The Chicks are born

The Dixie Chicks are no more – the band continues, but they are now The Chicks.  It’s a move prompted by the same criticism that caused Lady Antebellum to become Lady A  a fortnight ago. To the cynical this might sound like tokenism – but consider that this is an abandoning of thirty-one years spent building band recognition.  The Chicks are surely also aware that it is a move that will really annoy a swathe of their fan base. Continue reading “Dixie no more – The Chicks are born”

Sunny Ozell “Hammer And Nail” – Listen

When she isn’t doing acoustic sessions in English churches, prefacing these with informative insights into architectural development through the medieval period, Sonny Ozell hones her music, developing an ever finer Americana feel.  Her latest release is the EP ‘Live at the Village‘ which was recorded at The Village recording studios in Santa Monica.  It’ll be released on July 17th. Continue reading “Sunny Ozell “Hammer And Nail” – Listen”

Track Premiere: Laura Rabell “Immortal”

It’s safe to say that Laura Rabell is acquainted with the machinations of Momus, the personification of satire and mockery in Greek myth.  For he surely had her marked down for an encounter with irony when she announced in 2019 that her debut album would be entitled ‘Immortal‘.   But we’ll let her explain. Continue reading “Track Premiere: Laura Rabell “Immortal””

Kathryn Rose Wood “Anything But The Truth” – Listen

We already know that Kathryn Rose Wood spares herself nothing when it comes to songwriting – her debut album dealt with what can only be imagined to be one of the hardest topics to address.  So it’s no surprise that this new song from the New Orleans based singer is equally honest. Continue reading “Kathryn Rose Wood “Anything But The Truth” – Listen”

Drift Mouth “The Book Of Allison” – Listen

From left to right in the picture above you see drummer, lead guitar and bass player for Americana power trio Drift Mouth.  They have their second album ‘Loveridge is Burning‘ coming out soon, and ‘The Book of Allison‘ is the lead single from it.  Continue reading “Drift Mouth “The Book Of Allison” – Listen”