Track Premiere: Michaela Anne “Somebody New”

Yep Roc have a reputation for good taste, which puts Michaela Anne who recently signed  with the label in some good company – like Mandolin Orange and Jim Lauderdale.    Her new album, from which this single released today is taken,  is called ‘Desert Dove‘  and will be out on September 27th. ‘Somebody New‘ showcases Michaela’s pure vocal on a song of new love – unfortunately arriving before the old love has run its course. Continue reading “Track Premiere: Michaela Anne “Somebody New””

Jessi McNeal “In Between” – Listen

What is Jessi McNeal in-between?  Well the clear voiced country-folk singer is between youth and….maturity.  We can relate to that.  It’s sort of the theme of her new album ‘The Driveway’ (out on August 16th) where she explores “the middle” of life – the time when you take stock of where you are, acknowledge where you’ve been, and look to the future with optimism.  Or, we have to confess, a beer.  But that’s us.


Pauline Andres “Hoping For The Best at the Springwater Supper Club” – Listen

Possibly the longest title we’ve had the pleasure to include in the Tracks feature this new release from Pauline Andres will give hope to those wondering why there isn’t more songwriting in the same vein as Willy Vlautin’s.   ‘Hoping For the Best at the Springwater Supper Club‘  draws its inspiration directly from the Americana scene played out in various Nashville dive-bars and down-at-heel joints. Continue reading “Pauline Andres “Hoping For The Best at the Springwater Supper Club” – Listen”

Ruston Kelly covers Carter Family classic – Listen

We leave you this weekend dear reader with a little treat in the form of a new cover of the Carter Family’s ‘Weeping Willow’ by Ruston Kelly, whose ‘Dying Star’ album was one of our highlights of 2018. He told Stereogum: “To say I’ve been influenced by the Carter Family is an understatement. When I first heard their 1927 recordings—considered the ‘Big Bang’ of country, folk and Americana music—I was changed forever; Maybelle Carter remains one of my greatest musical influences.” Apologies for it being in annoying Spotify format but beggars and choosiness. Have a good one.

The Strangemakers “Wait On Me” – Listen

We wouldn’t want you to think that we’re preoccupied with death here at Americana UK, it’s just coincidence that today’s song also deals with grief and loss.  Toronto’s The Strangemakers come at the subject from a different direction on this muscular folk-rock song.  Those incredibly strong vocals come from Alex McCulloch, who with husband Tom Perry, leads The Strangemakers.  Alex has said of writing this song “I was in a really dark place – my mom had passed away in late 2016 and I was dealing with grief and depression. Tom was there to support me, and so this song is about how we navigated that journey together. How relationships can be tested by storms. Luckily, we’ve come through stronger than ever and I’m proud to share this very personal song with the world that I hope others will be able to relate to.

Louien “I Follow You” – Listen

We introduced Louien – also known as Live Miranda Solberg – a few months back and here she is again with another stunning track from her new album ‘None of My Words’ which will be released on Jansen Records on September 13th.  This song is an elegant interlude in the realms of despair, grief and loss.  Doesn’t sound much fun, we know, but it’s contemplative and honest and Solberg’s vocals soar like a beautiful, if mournful, breeze.  Unarguably delicious.

Songs for the apocalypse: Colin and Caroline “Like Home”

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck attended high school together, and after years of pursuing music in different directions, they were reconnected at a local spot in their hometown. Known for their lowkey covers but describing their sound as “folk rock”, they occasionally conjure up something original, like this delightful three-minute ditty from 2015 which isn’t a cover of the Eminem song of the same name.

Signe Marie Rustad “Die With Your Boots On” – Listen

Taken from Signe Marie Rustad’s third album ‘When Words Flew Freely‘ this is a warm and perfect piano led singer-songwriter outing very much in the way of Carole King or Joni Mitchell.  And that’s a big claim but one listen to Norwegian-American Signe Marie Rustad ‘s voice will affirm that it’s no exaggeration.  With beautiful evocations of the bleakness of “concrete deserts” it’s an encouragement to keep on keeping on, or as Rustad says “The phrase ‘Die With Your Boots On’ is kind of an alternative way of saying ‘don’t give up’. Despite anything you may be going through, don’t ever give up. Don’t take those boots off – don’t stop walking onwards

Mike Riley “Drug Dealer” – Listen

There’s a bit of a clue as to what inspired Canadian Mike Riley to refocus on music in the title of his new EP – the ‘Divorce EP‘.  Having done the right thing and focused on  professional career Mike Riley found himself in new emotional surroundings  in his adopted town of London (ON).  Music was something he’d always had in his life, and the time felt right to dig in deep for a batch of new songs.  ‘Drug Dealer’ pulls together thoughts of hopelessness, of, as Riley says  “feeling stuck, full of envy and betrayal as you watch the only people you care about move on.”

John Calvin Abney “Turn Again” – Listen

John Calvin Abney has a new album due out in September called ‘Safe Passsage‘ which features ten new songs by a master of folk-country, including this rather lovely song ‘Turn Again‘. It dreamily reflects on the need to stick to a new direction and to not take the easy temptation to fall back into old ways. Continue reading “John Calvin Abney “Turn Again” – Listen”