The Coo “Low Country Girl” – Listen

Matt Arthur and Jara Holdert met by chance at an open-mic in Amsterdam and found that their two-part harmonies worked so well together that they continued on until they found that they had evolved both a deep musical and personal relationship that bridges the North Sea. Continue reading “The Coo “Low Country Girl” – Listen”

Chatham County Line “Station To Station” – Listen

No, this isn’t a cover of the Bowie song – we’d quite like to hear that, but it won’t be this time.  But things are being all shaken up in the Chatham County Line camp.  Firstly founder-member and banjo player Chandler Holt is leaving the band.  Secondly the band sound for their latest album, ‘Strange Fascination‘, includes drums across all the tracks.  Continue reading “Chatham County Line “Station To Station” – Listen”

Nathan Kalish “Songs For Nobody” – Listen

Things are not going right for Nathan Kalish as he freely admits, singing “My career is like an accident” on this rocking cut from his new album also called ‘Songs for Nobody‘, which will be out on April 10th.  It’s worse than that – he’s even unlucky in love: “Maybe if I wasn’t dead inside I would stay with you the rest of my life / But I’m just passing by playing songs for nobody“.  It’s sad, but it sounds like a mini-riot at the same time . Continue reading “Nathan Kalish “Songs For Nobody” – Listen”

Dustbowl Revival “Runaway” – Listen

How to describe Dustbowl Revival?  As good a place to start is probably right at their beginning when Chicago native Z. Lupetin moved to LA to be a playwright and screenwriter, grew disillusioned with his job in advertising and placed an ad on Craigslist seeking musicians  who shared his love of Louis Armstrong, Bob Wills, Old Crow Medicine Show, Paul Simon, Aretha  Franklin and the brass bands of New Orleans, but also wanted to write songs in the vein of  Americana  pioneers such as Wilco, Lucinda Williams and Bruce Springsteen. Continue reading “Dustbowl Revival “Runaway” – Listen”

The Frampton Sisters “Let Me Hold Your Hand” – Listen

Already veterans of the Cambridge Folk Festival, Orkney’s The Frampton Sisters  have recently released their latest single which features just finger-picked guitar and the harmonising vocals of sisters Freddie and Charlie.  Continue reading “The Frampton Sisters “Let Me Hold Your Hand” – Listen”

Alicia Toner “Forget About It” – Listen

One of the amazing things about AmericanaFest – yeah, sorry, we’re still going on about that, we should probably get out more – is discovering bands and singers that you’ve not really come across before.  One such was Alicia Toner who wowed the Moth Club with her guitar and fiddle, her amazing voice and excellent songs. Continue reading “Alicia Toner “Forget About It” – Listen”

AUK’s Chain Gang: Vanessa Peters “Bright Red”

Financed in large part through Kickstarter, Vanessa Peter’s 2012 album ‘The Burn The Truth The Lies’ is evidence, if evidence were needed, of the talent within our beloved genre that just needs a helping hand to get heard. With that in mind I offer no apology for using the tenuous use of the word ‘truth’ in the album title to link to last weeks gem from Mr Prophet and, hopefully, raise Vanessa’s profile just a tad more.

Mark Erelli “A Little Kindness” – Listen

On his new album ‘Blindsided‘, which will be released on 27th March on Soundly Music, Mark Erelli has taken a new direction, delving deeper into his rockier side.  A roots-rockier side that has room for a few strings and a pile of melody.  The kind of thing we might call Petty-esque were we lazy, but hold onto that thought for a minute. Continue reading “Mark Erelli “A Little Kindness” – Listen”

Bonny Light Horseman “Bright Morning Stars” – Listen

Bonny Light Horseman may have come together as a “folk supergroup” almost by accident but the combined talents of Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson and Josh Kaufman’s, here augmented by Justin Vernon do not produce haunting new takes on traditional songs by chance. Continue reading “Bonny Light Horseman “Bright Morning Stars” – Listen”

The Lone Bellow “Good Times” – Listen

The new single from The Lone Bellow takes the band into realms of big production.  It’s a song that takes exuberance and gives it a good shake to be a bit more lively and involved.  Zach Williams describes  where it is coming from: “Over the years I’ve had the great joy of staying up late and hearing epic stories told by adventurous souls.  Some stories were told on old boats way out in the middle of the ocean, some in Irish Pubs in Manhattan, some in backyards down south, and some on hospital beds. ‘Good Times’ is a salute to the good ones who grab life by the horns and let no good time slip away.Continue reading “The Lone Bellow “Good Times” – Listen”