Damien Jurado “Birds Tricked Into The Trees” – Listen

Birds Tricked into the Trees‘ is taken from Damien Jurado’s new album ‘What’s New, Tomboy?’ which is out on Loose on May 1st.  It’s the album opener and sees Jurado groping through strands of reality to find some kind of truth, some kind of handle on the underlining ways in which the world works. Continue reading “Damien Jurado “Birds Tricked Into The Trees” – Listen”

Track Premiere: Glenn Thomas “Catherine Ames”

Catherine Ames is not  a nice girl – and she doesn’t improve much as an adult.  A betrayer, a deceiver, something of a sadist.  However New Englander Glenn Thomas’ has been inspired to write a gently reflective song which concentrates on the healing virtues of time – and how pain has made him a better, more resilient, person “In spite of you and everything you’ve done / you showed me what I could overcome“.

Continue reading “Track Premiere: Glenn Thomas “Catherine Ames””

Lewin “Sorrow” – Listen

Some might say that Lewin, the recording name of Jara Holdert,  brought ‘Sorrow‘ on herself, as in a rather prophetic way today’s song describes how her love might leave her; the small signs that point to a slow detachment, then the moving van in the parking lot, and the final scene where he’s gone, only the memory of him left.  Continue reading “Lewin “Sorrow” – Listen”

Track Premiere: Julie Amici & Dean Mueller “Frame It On The Wall”

What can one say about Julie Amici and Dean Mueller?  Well Julie’s the sweet one of the duo.  Hey, don’t take my word for it, listen to Dean comparing their new album ‘I Loved You So‘ to their debut EP ‘Yellow Roses‘ – “It’s definitely less wholesome, on the first EP, Julie wrote most of the songs, and they had roots in her childhood. It was very meaningful to her, and it was sweet because Julie is sweet. ‘I Loved You So’ is more collaborative—more a combination of both our musical personalities. ”  Although Julie Amici has certain thoughts too “Compared to ‘Yellow Roses’, ‘I Loved You So’ is a little grittier, more electrified, and sexier” adding after a pause “… I hope!”  Here at Americana UK we really can’t comment – never having had to just rely on hope to define our sexiness. Continue reading “Track Premiere: Julie Amici & Dean Mueller “Frame It On The Wall””

Seth Anderson “Take Away The Sad” – Listen

A second single from Canadian Seth Anderson, taken from his recently released album ‘We Could Be.‘ The album’s a mix of full band numbers and songs that are just Seth and his guitar.  ‘Take Away the Sad‘ is one of the band songs. Continue reading “Seth Anderson “Take Away The Sad” – Listen”

Arielle Silver “What Really Matters” – Listen

Arielle Silver is a baker of pies and a penner of poetry – and with three previous releases to her name is a musician with a back catalogue to her name.  ‘What Really Matters‘ is taken from her new album ‘A Thousand Tiny Torches’ – her first release for ten years which will be out in the Summer.  What’s been going on in Ms Silver’s world? Continue reading “Arielle Silver “What Really Matters” – Listen”

Forever Honey “Christian” – Listen

Forever Honey walk that narrow line between the folk-rock of 10,000 Maniacs and the fuzzyness of Mazzy Star, with frontsperson Liv Price being the bounciest lead singer since Claire Grogan.  Not a lot of twang from Aida Mekonnen, but plenty of jangle out of her Rickenbacker.  And ‘Christian‘ perfectly captures that. Continue reading “Forever Honey “Christian” – Listen”

Rumer “Hard Times For Lovers” – Listen

You’ll recall Rumer for, if nothing else, a wonderful cover of Jimmy Webb’s ‘P.F. Sloan‘.  And here she returns with another cover song from the mid-seventies.  ‘Hard Times for Lovers‘ was first recorded by Judy Collins on her 1979 album of the same name.   Rumer’s version is taken from the upcoming album ‘Nashville Tears – The Songs of Hugh Prestwood‘ which is out on April 24th on Cooking Vinyl. Continue reading “Rumer “Hard Times For Lovers” – Listen”

Songs for the apocalypse: Marcel “Annie Devine”

In 2004 me and my good mate John drove across the States in one of the last “analogue” road-trips I ever took – people who say that satnav kills discovery and that maps are “all part of the adventure” clearly didn’t have our navigational skills. Still, music got us through the extended periods we spent in the car and one song that still comes to mind is the track ‘Annie Devine’ by Michigan-born Marcel who was a professional hockey player until he signed with Mercury. We missed out on seeing him at the Bluebird because we didn’t book 5 years in advance but the refrain of the chorus with its “miles and miles of long white lines and red taillights and fast food signs” echoed through my mind a long time after the trip ended. It endures as one of my favourite road-trip songs of all time.

The Dustbowl Sinners “Winter’s Bone” – Listen

It’s not a popular name in the UK for some unfathomable reason, but  The Dustbowl Sinners are what they’d call an Old-Timey Stringband in the States.  With admittedly the unusual addition of accordion and prominent harmonica, but even so.  The Dustbowl Sinners hail out of Staines, close by to the not soon to be increased in size Heathrow Airport and have a healthy sense of humour about their authenticity. Continue reading “The Dustbowl Sinners “Winter’s Bone” – Listen”