Video Premiere: Michael McArthur “Elaine”

From his imminent new album ‘Ever Green, Ever Rain’ this is a beautifully soulful song from Michael McArthur.  In his own words: “The older I become the more time matters. Which is ironic, as it seems now the days are ever fleeting. I don’t mean time for the sake of having it, but for how I give it away. I want to spend mine loving, and I get to, at home and through my songs. Elaine is a gentle reminder to myself and to you, that love is the only thing worth our time.”

Video: Peter Bruntnell with James Walbourne “You Won’t Find Me”

After a couple of weeks break for video premieres the retro slot is back.  We’re only going back eight years this week and the footage is by no means perfect but this is a great performance of a great song by one of the UK’s best singer-songwriters and one of its best guitarists.  Have a good weekend everyone.