Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Ags Connolly

In these strange times when people around the world are literally living in isolation, we are trying to spread a little joy by asking some of our favourite acts to perform exclusive mini-gigs for the AUK community.  This is a real treat: two songs from the great Ags Connolly.  Beautiful songwriting, perfect guitar playing and characterful vocals – it’s all here to help get you through!  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Ags Connolly”

Video: Phil Hooley “Come On Home”

Start your week with the lovely voice of Phil Hooley, full of character and depth.  The video for ‘Come On Home’ showcases all the players recording – these are precision performances and it’s great to see them at work. Inspiration came from a woman’s appeal to her sister who had been missing for fifteen years.  Sadly, she is still looking.  The song is taken from Hooley’s upcoming album, ‘Songs From the Back Room’.  This is the first solo release from the Scarborough singer-songwriter, who is also the frontman for The Woolgatherers.  Enjoy.

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Frank Turner

In troubled times, we all need something to lift us.  We all need a little light in the gloom.  This is when music becomes even more important because it binds us together and connects people, even when there are no mass gatherings.  We may not be physically in a concert hall with you dancing, listening, singing along. But we are still united in our love for music and one another and this is still a shared experience.  Amongst all the cancelled gigs, tours and festivals, we’ve asked some of our favourite acts to perform, just for you, a mini-gig, a single song to bring some joy.  Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Frank Turner”

Video: Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom “Alexa”

This is the brilliantly amusing new video from The Burning Hell’s Ariel Sharratt and Mathias Kom.  It’s taken from their second duo album, ‘Never Work’, which will drop on 3rd April.  Merging the sounds of acoustic folk with electronic influences, the new album explores how the worlds of work and music are changing.  ‘Alexa’ is their darkly humorous take on the rise of technology and the crumbling labour market and social norms in a capitalist economies.

Video: Gregory Pepper & His Problems “Maybe I’ll See You”

This animated video is populated by characters from horror movies, singing along to Pepper’s gentle new single, ‘Maybe I’ll See You’.  Pepper worked with illustrator David Partridge to create these, “…retired monsters living life after the afterlife.”  There’s a strangely uncomfortable sadness to these once-scary creatures presented in new roles.  Similarly, the song itself is deceptive:  there’s an easy, almost jaunty sound but it’s about confronting someone whose duplicitous behaviour changes your view of them as a relationship fails.  This is one of the songs to come out of Pepper’s project to write a song a week in 2017, which he managed to complete despite contending with multiple personal issues.  Check it out.

Video: Sam Burton “I Can Go With You”

‘I Can Go With You’ is the debut single and video from Salt Lake City’s Sam Burton, now based in Los Angeles.  The video features images of Burton playing overlaid with old footage of flowers and landscapes and complements the nostalgic and summery sound perfectly.  Burton’s gentle strum and echoing voice is so evocative – melancholy and familiar.  We can look forward to a full album release later this year.

Video: Sunny Ozell “All That I Am”

Here is the latest single from Sunny Ozell’s new album, ‘Overnight Lows’.  The uplifting song has a great groove and is described by Ozell as a ‘femme anthem’.  The new album showcases a range of influences, including jazz, soul and Americana.  ‘All That I Am’ is good example of Ozell’s blend of styles, accompanied by a tasteful video.  Ozell has been busy since her last full album, ‘Take it With Me’, hosting and curating a stage at the Red Rooster Festival with a line-up of female artists and performing live at the Americana Music Association UK Awards ceremony in January this year.  Enjoy.

Video: Kerri Watt “Kissing Fools”

To inject a little fun into your week, here’s the upbeat ‘Kissing fools’ from Kerri Watt.  Watt says the video was inspired by cinema classic romantic comedies and, “…those sweet moments of nostalgia we all love to remember.”  The video features Cody Molko, the son of Placebo’s Brian Molko.  Watt will soon release her new album, ‘Chasing Aeroplanes’, having built up a fan-base with airplay on BBC Radio 2 and shows at Celtic connections, Cambridge Folk Festival, Glastonbury and the AMAUK Americanafest Showcase in London.  This should be a big year for the Scottish singer-songwriter.

Video: Jarrod Dickenson “Way Past Midnight”

Here in the UK, we have had the pleasure of listening to Jarrod Dickenson’s brilliant album, ‘Ready the Horses’, for some time but it is now getting a much-deserved world-wide release on 22nd May.  Dickenson is known for his soulful voice and knack for great song-writing and storytelling.  It all comes together on this album.  Ahead of the upcoming ‘Ready the Horses’, here is the brand new animated video for ‘Way Past Midnight’, Dickenson’s personal favourite from the record. Continue reading “Video: Jarrod Dickenson “Way Past Midnight””

Video: Nikolaj Grandjean “Seven Wild Horses”

Here is the title track from Nikolaj Grandjean’s new EP.  There’s a lovely, delicate strum that gently builds.  It’s a quietly beautiful song.  Grandjean has had a varied career, playing in groups, writing in different genres and creating music for film and television.  His previous work has led to Danish Grammy nominations.  Now, inspired by traditional American Music, Grandjean releases ‘Seven Wild Horses’.  Sit back and enjoy.