Video: Sergeant Buzfuz “There’s Idiots, Then There’s Idiots With Money”

The latest video from Sheffield’s Sergeant Buzfuz is the opening track from the brand new album, ‘Fox Pop’, which was released today, 3rd July.  The video features video chats, lockdown performances and the empty streets of London.  Songwriter, Joe Murphy, says the song,  “…is about me imagining I’m attending one of those Mansion House dinners where the Chancellor gets summoned to report to the City.”  When he sings, “I want to punch someone in here // I count to ten and get as far as five,”  we know what he means.  It’s upbeat, foot-tapping stuff.  And there’s a flute solo.  Enjoy.

Video Premiere: David Lewis “Unswept Leaves”

With a lovely vocal melody, David Lewis draws us into his warm musical world among his friends.  ‘Unswept Leaves’ is taken from the newly-released ‘Among Friends’, which is Lewis’s fifth album.  It’s a full six years since his last collection and he’s moved in a new direction with percussion coming to the fore and going electric.  What remains the same is his gentle folk delivery and the collaboration with excellent players, including the likes of Patrick Berkery (The War On Drugs). Continue reading “Video Premiere: David Lewis “Unswept Leaves””

Video: Ebony Buckle “Ghost”

Oh, this is beautiful, powerful, heart-breaking.  Ebony Buckle’s vocal performance is fabulously emotive, reinforced by Finn Buckle’s excellent video.  The Australian singer-songwriter is now based in London and this song, written with her English husband, Nick Burns, conveys the personal trials they endured when renewing Buckle’s visa following their marriage.  With lovely harmonies and building instrumentation, ‘Ghost’ becomes ultimately uplifting.  Check it out.

Video: Marin Patenaude “Cold Front”

There is excellent songcraft and musicianship on display in Marin Patenaude’s new single, ‘Cold Front’, taken from the new album, ‘Sight Unseen’.  The video- snowy landscapes contrasting with homely scenes – reinforces the delicate beauty of the song.  Patenaude reflects on the song: “I came home to my cabin one night and the window above the kitchen sink was broken. Continue reading “Video: Marin Patenaude “Cold Front””

Video: Ailbhe Reddy “Time Difference”

The Dublin singer-songwriter, Ailbhe Reddy, has released a personal song about the moment when you realise a relationship is ending and you’re beginning to move in a different direction from your partner.  The song came together in a Glasgow hotel room when the contrast of her own isolation and the bustling streets outside seemed to reflect her mood and relationship: a mixture of loneliness and excitement.  Continue reading “Video: Ailbhe Reddy “Time Difference””

Video Premiere: Our Man in the Field “Thin (I Used to be Bullet Proof)”

We are delighted to premiere the latest single from Our Man in the Field (also-known-as Alexander Ellis).  Ellis provides another lovely vocal performance on ‘Thin (I Used to be Bullet Proof)’, demonstrating his range, both musically and emotionally.  It’s the second single from the forthcoming debut album, due for release on 3rd July, and, once again, features fabulous performances from his brilliant band, especially the haunting pedal steel from Henry Senior.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Our Man in the Field “Thin (I Used to be Bullet Proof)””

Video Premiere: Dusty Wright “Rain, Rain” – Win signed prints!

‘Rain, Rain’ is the opening track from Dusty Wright’s eighth studio album, ‘Can anyone Hear Me?’  The album began life as a collection of protest songs, some of which had originally been written for Wright’s previous album.  However, he wanted them to be more stripped-back, acoustic pieces that would suit the Americana-vibe of the new record.  Co-producer and mixing/mastering engineer, Dan Cardinal (Darlingside, Josh Ritter), helped to create the sound Wright was looking for. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Dusty Wright “Rain, Rain” – Win signed prints!”

Video: Brent Cobb “The World is Ending”

Brent Cobb is the genuine article: excellent songcraft combined with a distinctive, characterful vocal.  This is his first new release since the well-received album, ‘Providence Canyon’.  Although it was written some time ago, Cobb has released it now because it seems so relevant to our current global situation.  He says of the animated video, which was created by Delaney Royer, “The intention of this song and video was to create a surreal world where it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a dream. It seems our actual world isn’t too far off that premise lately. Hard to tell…”  I couldn’t put it better.

Video: Beans on Toast “Glastonbury Weekend”

The series of new lockdown-themed songs written by Beans on Toast continues with ‘Glastonbury Weekend’.   He first attended Glastonbury in 1997 and has been every year since.  Indeed, the first Beans on Toast gig was there in 2006 and he’s been a regular performer over the years.  So, the event has a special place in his heart.  When he sings: “All of the music and the madness and the magic and the millions of memories that can’t be replicated… I need something to restore my faith in humanity: I need Glastonbury!” Beans is singing for everyone whose festival plans have disappeared this summer.

Video: Foy Vance “Thank You for Asking”

The gorgeous voice of Foy Vance, combined with a delicate melody, makes for a charming video to end the week.  The impromptu piece was shot last year, on the streets of Memphis, before anyone could have imagined the current state of the world.  Vance roamed around, dressed as a character he calls ‘Gordon Zolah’.  ‘Thank You for Asking’ was originally intended for inclusion on Americana album ‘To Memphis’, Vance’s second album of 2019. Continue reading “Video: Foy Vance “Thank You for Asking””