Video: Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams “I Wonder Why”

The combination of voices on ‘I Wonder Why’ is breathtakingly good.  The vocals float above layered instruments, with the exquisite pedal steel the highlight.  In the video, we get to see the performers at work in the studio, displaying their considerable talents.   Award-winning Marlon Williams has enjoyed acclaimed solo success, chosen by Bradley Cooper to appear in ‘A Star is Born’ and playing with the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Brandi Carlile.  Meanwhile, Kacy & Clayton have released a series of critically well-received records, two of which were produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. Continue reading “Video: Kacy & Clayton and Marlon Williams “I Wonder Why””

Video Premiere: Timothy Jaromir “River on the Rise”

Beginning with delicate guitar-work, Timothy Jaromir slowly and gently draws us into this tale of the 1972 Mississippi Flood, which saw 700,000 people evacuated to escape the inundation.  The themes of migration and displacement in ‘River on the Rise’ are common in Jaromir’s songs.  His perspective is informed by his father’s experience of fleeing Czechoslovakia for Switzerland in 1968.  Jaromir himself is well-travelled, which reinforces the restless mobility and the sense of place in his work.  Continue reading “Video Premiere: Timothy Jaromir “River on the Rise””

Video: The Besnard Lakes “Raindrops”

This atmospheric, cinematic sonic soundscape from The Besnard Lakes is utterly absorbing.  It’s a psychedelic dream of a song from the Montreal band.  ‘Raindrops’ is the first single from the forthcoming double album, ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings’, which is due to drop on 29th January 2021.  Each side of the double LP is named: ‘Near Death’, ‘Death’, ‘After Death’ and ‘Life’, representing a journey to the brink and back, a journey into darkness and back to the light.  Compelling.

Video Premiere: Steve Mayone “Missouri Loves Company”

Steve Mayone’s characterful voice stands out on this single from upcoming album ‘Mayone’.  The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has captured an engaging melody and crafted a superb song with ‘Missouri Love Company’.  The new album is due for release on 18th December.  It’s a tribute to ‘McCartney’, released by Paul back in 1970, which is one of Steve Mayone’s personal favourite albums and a source of inspiration. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Steve Mayone “Missouri Loves Company””

Video: Eric Bazilian “Heaven Ain’t Gonna Save Us”

Well, it’s been a busy year in American politics and society: the response to the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, debate on climate change and, of course, the unresolved Presidential election.  It’s all here in the smart paper-animation video for Eric Bazilian’s latest single.  The sound is upbeat and hopeful but, in truth, this is more of a plea for people to come together. Continue reading “Video: Eric Bazilian “Heaven Ain’t Gonna Save Us””

Something for the weekend: Cordovas “A Song for You” (Behind the Scenes)

That’s it for another week dear reader, and we leave you today with a video which spotlights the recording of Nashville-based Cordovas’ cover of Leon Russell’s ‘A Song For You,’ available to stream and purchase today from Amazon Music. It arrives on the 4th anniversary of Leon Russell’s passing and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the song which was originally released in 1970. “The thing he has done in this song is he’s lived his whole life. An entire life happened in this song. It’s his masterwork,” says Cordovas frontman and songwriter Joe Firstman. “It was nice to have been asked to do the Amazon Original because this would have very easily been the first song I would have ever chosen to sing of Leon Russell’s. What you want to bring to me, for me, was to not try and reinvent it. It was to take that pureness that I have always known that has been near to me since I started playing piano and singing songs.” They’re a lovely band and it’s a great cover. Have a good one.

Video: Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass

Back in 2010, Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass set themselves the challenge of writing an entire album in one day.  The result was ‘Buddies’, an unpolished record that became a cult favourite.  Ten years on and the song-writing friends have done it again.  ‘Buddies II: Still Buddies’ was once again created in a day, with the pair working remotely during the lockdown.  This time around, they enlisted two more ‘buddies’ to help out: Stephen Egerton (Descendents/ALL) on drums and Todd Beene (Lucero, Chuck Ragan) on pedal steel. Continue reading “Video: Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass”

Video Premiere: Lee Rogers “Haunted”

Lee Rogers released his debut album, ‘Drawing Clocks’, on Zenith Café  fifteen long years ago.  The record was well-received and Rogers’ songs were played on Radio 2 and appeared on television.  They were even used in Hollywood films, including ‘The River King’.  It was the beginning of a successful career in music before it all came to a shuddering halt when the record label was caught up in the HBOS banking crisis.  Rogers turned away from music and channelled his creativity into his passion for tattooing, opening up his own studio in Northern Ireland. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Lee Rogers “Haunted””

Video Premiere: Bluenose B “Another Place”

Songwriter Stephen Lawson formed Bluenose B in the 1980s.  Since then, the group has been through various changes in line-up and style but has always remained true to a focus on lyrical purpose and intelligent song-craft.  This new single is taken from the upcoming album, ‘Harrowby Road’, and features excellent guitar-work from John Kettle, complementing an engaging vocal melody. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Bluenose B “Another Place””

Video: Jamie Freeman “King of the Village Hall”

Featuring quirky animation and some excellent lock-down dance moves, here is the latest single from Jamie Freeman.  This previously unreleased track finds the nominee for ‘Best UK Song’ at the 2020 UK Americana Awards in a more aggressive frame of mind, rocking out while addressing the self-importance of an unnamed individual.  Last year’s album, ‘Dreams About Falling’ benefited from some great collaborations.  Here again, Freeman, has enlisted the support of that talented group, including Doug Williams (Wild Ponies), Will Kimbrough, and Grammy-nominated producer Neilson Hubbard (Mary Gauthier, Ben Glover, Amy Speace, Dean Owens, Orphan Brigade). Continue reading “Video: Jamie Freeman “King of the Village Hall””