Cf Watkins “Frances” – Listen

Cf Watkins has that thing we’re always looking for – a distinctive voice, both literally and figuratively.  Her song writing is restrained and sensitive and insightful – three of our favourite words.  Her second album ‘Babygirl‘ is out on 16th October, and this tender love song is the first single from it.

Frances‘ comes from a particular moment of poignancy in Cf Watkin’s life, and relates to the relationship of her paternal grandparents, as she explains: “My grandfather developed dementia in his old age and was in and out of hospitals for the last few years of his life. One day toward the end, I was visiting him in the hospital and my dad told me it was not a good day and not to be hurt if he didn’t recognize or speak to me.  When I approached his bed, he immediately started crying, which I had never seen before. He grabbed my hand and told me he was sorry, he said, ‘I should have told you I loved you more, I should have told you I loved you every day.’ I told him I knew he loved me, and he said, ‘Frances, I’m so sorry.’ I realized then that he thought I was her. I hope he was able to get the closure that he needed with her in that moment.”

‘Babygirl’ can be pre-saved  here.

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