Classic Clip: Lone Justice “Wait ‘Til We Get Home” – Live at The Ritz, New York, NY – 18th September 1985

Lone Justice 'Wait 'Til We Get Home' Live 18th September 1985

Lone Justice, a band with a flame that burned so brightly, but burned out all too quickly. Formed in Los Angeles in 1982, the band forged a huge reputation, based on their live performances, such that a string of luminaries turned up to see their concerts. One such person was Linda Ronstadt, who allegedly encouraged Geffen Records to sign the band.

This energetic performance took place on 18th September 1985, when singer Maria McKee was just 21 years of age; the band were on fire. ‘Wait ‘Til We Get Home‘ appeared on the band’s eponymous debut album, which was released 15th April 1985, following which Lone Justice went out on tour with U2 to promote the record, however its sales performance didn’t live up to all the hype surrounding the band, peaking at number 56 in the US Billboard 200.

I vividly remember being in an independent record store in Leeds shortly after the LP’s release, digging through the crates and enjoying the record that was being played on the shop’s audio system; on enquiring at the counter “What are we listening to?” I was informed it was the debut from a band named Lone Justice; I’d never heard of the band, but I left the store clutching a copy of the album on shiny black vinyl.

Although some of the songs on the LP were written by big names such as Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench and Steve Van Zandt, ‘Wait ‘Til We Get Home‘ was written by Mckee and the band’s guitarist Ryan Hedgecock.

The band released one further studio album; 1986’s ‘Shelter‘ (reaching number 65 in the US Billboard 200), before disbanding in 1988, with McKee going solo; by the time that ‘Shelter‘ was released, McKee was the only original member left.

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Indeed – what a great band with a great singer!

Alison Jennings

Great singer, pretty good band. Check out Maria McKee’s single career, especially this one: