Classic Clip: Michael Hurley feat. My Bubba “O My Stars” Pickathon – 1st August 2016

Michael Hurley

Michael Hurley, 2016

The mystery of Michael Hurley. A survivor of the Greenwich Village folk scene who’s ploughed his own unique furrow of pastoral, homespun folk-country blues, long before he was heralded by the freak-folk scene who made an industry of it. Hurley’s albums feel home brew, recycled from whatever may be lying around: a bit of twine, a second-hand joke, a rusted nail, a Scottish border ballad— the results are unique, gentle, and spooky. Songs about pool halls, wild geese, werewolves.

A troubadour who still tours backroad bars and small folk festivals. He paints and draws. Write to him and he’ll mail you a live cassette. Hurley is an American original. The old weird America cuts across with Fugs Beat culture. Later, he was heralded by many of the alt folk/ Americana scene and this song, ‘Oh My Stars,’ comes from this period of rejuvenation, specifically from 2002s ‘SweetKorn’. Performed with the folk duo My Bubba at Pickathon on the Pendarvis Farm in 2016.

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toby codding

the great micheal hurley


Doc Snock! A perennial favorite around here.