Sounds from beyond the Shed 139: “Gadzooks”

Somehow I have found myself watching a lot of TV recently – who knows where I found the time but Mrs H has been involved with a highly secret thing which has involved her being out most evenings – she assures me that infidelity is not the secret thing and that if it was, it wouldn’t be a secret it would be a blessed relief… for her obviously.

But back to the original, if you will forgive me, thrust of my piece. So I’ve been watching a lot of TV and I’m becoming very bored with the laziness of scriptwriters who believe that multiple obscenities are the key to establishing gritty, naturalistic characters. Now, I for one love a good F or a C or even a S Bubble (Sexy Beast) but it is now an instant turn over if there’s more than a couple of Fs or Jeffs in the space of a minute. Come on people, stop being lazy and start being thoughtful and creative. People are multi-dimensional not just ciphers.  Why use a ‘Fuck’ when a “Cripes’ will do, similarly why not try to create characters that don’t swear? Now, fuck me, that would be revolutionary!

This week I have been bathing in the sounds of Grackles and Hurray for the Riff Raff. What joy, and the radio programme features both as well as new stuff from Steel Fringe, Boulder Fields and The Felice Bros amongst others. As ever take what you want or need.

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Alan Peatfield

I must admit, 2 great tracks showcased this week. Many thanks indeed.

keith hargreaves

Absolute pleasure Alan