Classic Clips: Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy “You’re Not Alone” – The Loft, Chicago, 2010

Mavis Staples and Jeff Tweedy playing "You're No Alone" at the Loft Chicago, 2010

Mavis Staples is one of American music’s national treasures. She is someone with both the voice and enthusiasm that if she sung the telephone directory, it would still sound wonderfully soulful and be utterly transfixing. Having collaborated with Bob Dylan, Prince, Curtis Mayfield and Ry Cooder, in 2010, she got together with fellow Chicago resident and Wilco frontman, Jeff Tweedy, to record a new album entitled ‘You’re Not Alone’. Tweedy wrote the beautiful and uplifting title track for Staples. This acoustic version was filmed at the Wilco Loft, where the studio album was recorded. The chemistry between Tweedy and Staples in this clip is self-evident. After over 70 years in the music industry, Staples remains as ebullient and as vital as ever.

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