Mavis Staples has a new live album out soon

Not only a new live album, but a new live album recorded at The Union Chapel in London.  Recorded earlier this year across two nights – one of which Americana-UK attended and was suitably impressed with (read the review here) – it captures Mavis Staples and her band in truly fine form in a venue which she describes as “the best place in the world to sing“.   As well as many classic songs Mavis Staples is grateful for the new material that comes to her, saying “I’ve stretched out—I’m singing songs that rock stars have written for me, but they know me and the kind of songs I want to sing.” Continue reading “Mavis Staples has a new live album out soon”

Mavis Staples, Union Chapel, London, 10th July 2018

Mavis Staples is a living legend – recent Americana Grammy winner, Jeff Tweedy collaborator, mainstay of STAX Records, civil rights activist, the list goes on. And thankfully a legend that has not been diminished by time.   Mere seconds into ‘If you’re ready (come go with me)’ and the pleasure levels in The Union Chapel had already gone from vibrantly anticipatory to overflowing with ecstasy. It’s one thing to have one of the most recognisable voices in recorded music, it’s quite another to be gently swaying in front of a sold out crowd in an increasingly hot Union Chapel whilst unleashing that voice that covers wide ranges, and burbles delightfully in the lower registers. Continue reading “Mavis Staples, Union Chapel, London, 10th July 2018”