Classic Clips: Ricky Skaggs “A Simple Life” – Transatlantic Sessions, 1998

The Transatlantic Sessions were a sheer gold gift for those of us who love our music unplugged and natural. Thank you, genuinely, to whichever genius had the idea of rounding up the cream of folk and roots singers, songwriters and musicians from both sides of the Atlantic, sticking them in a big stately home in Scotland and filming the results. What resulted are some of the most pure, natural recordings of wonderful music, shorn of any airbrushing. Add to that shots of the beautiful natural scenery around them; while in big aged rooms, with long drapes and standard lamps for lighting, the music was framed in muted colours that perfectly compliment the sounds which were distilled within their walls. The musicians obviously loved it too, as six seasons were made, and yearly tours followed. No ego, just music. This clip captures that – a bit of joshing, a great americana song, followed by an improvised jig. Magical.


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Joyous! Thanks for highlighting this uplifting clip!

Jeremy Courtnadge

The tours continue this fine tradition. The 2022 edition has just finished, with ‘guest’ spots from Americana favourites Dirk Powell, Sarah Jarosz and Leyla McCalla and folk heavyweights (in stage presence only) Paul Brady and Siobhan Miller. An outstanding evening’s music.