Clint’s Classic Clips: Courtney Marie Andrews “Table For One” live KEXP session 2016

AUK favourite Courtney Marie Andrews in scintillating form on Seattle’s KEXP radio station.

If you haven’t already come across it yet, Seattle’s KEXP is a not-for-profit arts organisation running an FM and online music channel with 200,000 global listeners each week. Included in KEXP’s output are regular exclusive live sessions performed by guest artists. The music covered spans a wide range of genres, but their editors are clearly a sagacious bunch, as it’s tends to lean towards what I might technically describe as “decent stuff”. The KEXP archive is all available on line both as complete sessions and as individual songs.

Featured here is Courtney Marie Andrews from a session recorded on September 7th 2016. The song is ‘Table for One’ from her 2016 album ‘Honest Life’. The performance is sublime, but those of you that have had the pleasure of seeing her perform live won’t be in the least bit surprised at that. She is due back in the UK in October so don’t miss her!

If you enjoy this clip you may want to seek out the full session and I would urge you to do so – it’s a belter. Courtney has also recorded more recent KEXP sessions that are also worth taking a look at too. In fact if you’ve got a spare hour or two I highly recommend scrolling through the whole KEXP archive where you will find hundreds of sessions by many brilliant artists. This column will no doubt be revisting them again soon.

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