Courtney Marie Andrews “Loose Future” – taking it easy

Photo: Brett Warren

This is the title track of Courtney Marie Andrews’ new album ‘Loose Future‘ which is out 7th October via Fat Possum.  It’s a song that looks to the future in love, with an optimism that it’ll be great – as long as the future isn’t overthought.  As she says “These words slipped out of my mouth one evening while speaking playfully with a lover, and we both agreed they needed to be a song about the unknowns of bracing for any romantic endeavor. “We always want to play it cool with love, but deep down our inner children are always afraid. In the studio, Sam Owens and I wanted to create the hopeful and free feeling of that sentiment.

On the accompanying lyric video we discover that Courtney Marie Andrews as well as being an Americana UK favourite also shares many of Americana UK’s life issues – getting a good make-up shade match, finding the right lipstick, not taking up smoking and struggling to get flowers to stay fixed in one’s hair.  See, we’re so much alike.

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