Crisco Dreams “Skater On The Lake” – Listen

It could have gone one of two ways – that hydrogenated cottonseed oil could have been the basis for a whole line of vegetable fat based soaps – but fate intervened with her fickle finger and instead Crisco became the world’s first vegetable oil based shortening.  And so vegan bakers have blessed the name of the J.M. Smucker Company, with good reason. And also the Baltimore band Crisco Dreams who found their name from this hallowed shortening.

Skater on the Lake‘ has the feel of a seasonal song, but it’s a reflective one embodying antisocial feelings in the time of bustle and partying.  Antisocial in the sense of wanting some space, some time away from false frivolity, some clear air and room to think.  But “You won’t see me dance or hear me singing / There’s such a thing as too much of a good thing” is not an all out rejection of all community, it’s  just the pressing of the pause button “I do appreciate the invitation / I’ll be free tomorrow but tonight I’m skating on the lake.”  Fair enough.

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