Daisy Chute “Women” – it’s society that needs reshaping

Daisy Chute’s latest single is taken from her new EP  ‘Maiden, Mother Crone’ which was released on April 14th.  It’s a song that offers a perspective on the safety of women walking home at night – and disavows the victim-blaming culture and the language associated with violence against women.  The song was inspired by personal stories from Daisy Chute’s friends and family, and also by attacks on women including Zara Aleena, Sabina Nessa, Sarah Everard and countless more around the world.  ‘Women‘ points out that it is the perpetrator of an assault who has done something wrong – it shouldn’t, one feels, need saying in 2023, except the crime statistics and a pathetically low charging and conviction rate tell us that, to society’s shame, it really does need saying in 2023.

As Daisy Chute explains: “The idea for the song ‘Women’ came to me as I was watching a documentary about women’s marches through the ages; it struck me that the phrase ‘women unite, reclaim the night’ suggested it was down to us as women to change our situation, rather than focussing on stopping the perpetrators of these crimes or relying on our government and police force to deliver justice. Whilst I realise this phrase is meant to be empowering, it’s part of a wider messaging that somehow women need to change their behaviours – the clothes they wear, how they get home at night, learning self-defence techniques – instead of the people who are responsible for these actions learning what they’re doing is wrong and there are (or should be) consequences for their actions.”

Women‘ features an all-female team of musicians including Michele Stodart on Bass, Emma Holbrook on Drums, Midori Jaeger on Cello, Elisabeth Flett on Violin and producer Anneliese Shaw on backing vocals and percussion.

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