Darragh O’Dea “Guerrilla Warfare In Your Back Garden” – This land is my land

Guerrilla Warfare In Your Back Garden‘ is the first single off the debut album by Darragh O’Dea, ‘Tilly And The Postmaster‘ which gets its release on October 29th via Pharmacy Attic Records.  It’s a comic take on a serious subject: disputes about how the inheritance is divided.  A way to tear families apart from beyond the grave: “Are you still fighting over that patch of land your father left in your hand? Fell out with your only brother and your sister too.”  It’s a song that offers various solutions, none of which look attractive if one happens to be the golden first born son who has had the bulk of the family legacy gifted to them.  Fairplay for trying to get them to share it all out equally though.

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