Dave Hause announces new album and UK tour dates

Dave Hause has announced details of his latest album ‘Drive it Like it’s Stolen’ which will be released on April 28th on Blood Harmony Records. Produced by Will Hoge, this will be the third album Hause has released on his family label, his sixth solo album. “My life is getting increasingly less interesting,” he explained, “And that’s by design. You want to be steady, you want to be at a baseball practice or taking your kids to gymnastics or whatever it is. You don’t want to necessarily be staring into the abyss all the time and trying to determine your existential weight. I don’t want my life to become fodder for songs — I want my creativity to be the fodder for songs.”.

Dave Hause has also announced his return to the UK later this year for two special acoustic album preview shows at The Lodge in Manchester on March 22nd and London at the Omeara on the 24th. Tickets can be bought at https://www.davehause.com/shows.

In an interview with Americana UK before his last tour, he talked about his place in the genre: “I think that when people hear Americana, they know what it is, they know it is a music based on roots instruments and the roots of rock’n’roll, and songwriting is really the main driver of Americana”. You can read the whole interview here. Catch up with Dave Hause’s previous album reviews and singles here.

Hause said of the latest single, “That feeling of having the hazard lights on, it’s just uncertainty. I’m kind of just pulled over here. I don’t know where I’m going, I know where I’ve been, the hazard lights are blinking, so please don’t hit me because I’ve got to figure out what to do next.”. The album will be available on coloured and standard vinyl, CD, and your favourite streaming platform. You can pre-order the album from the artist’s website.


1 – Cheap Seats (New Year’s Day, NYC, 2042)
2 – Pedal Down
3 – Damn Personal
4- Low
5 – chainsaweyes
6 – Hazard Lights
7 – Drive It Like It’s Stolen
8 – lashingout
9 – Tarnish
10 – The Vulture

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