David Climaco Garcia “Rolling On” – we keep going round and round…

If you detect a hint of listless desert rock on this new song from David Climaco Garcia it could be because the  Albuquerque-based songwriter draws from New Mexico’s Southwestern Americana, a blend of classic cowboy and country sensibilities mixed with his own Spanish and Native American lineage.  It could have something to do with the pedal steel of Alex McMahon as well.  Whatever it is, there’s no doubt that Garcia captured the limbo feeling of the…yes, the pandemic lockdown.  Look folks, that’s going top come up for another none months at least – but trust us, this exploration of ennui and exhaustion is really worth a listen.

It is a song that took on more meaning for Garcia as the year progressed, as he explained: “It was like I could see the whole year spread out before me. I didn’t know at the time my mother would be diagnosed with cancer and be gone by October. In that context, the finishing of the tune through the recording and mixing process took on an entirely new gravity. The tune became something of a lullaby/sing-along for myself and my family as we moved through the strangeness that had become everyday life.

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