David Crosby has UK dates upcoming

Get excited – David Crosby, the one who writes “the weird shit” has announced UK dates for this September.  Don’t get too excited, it’s not what we’d call a tour.  It’s two dates – Manchester at the Palace Theatre on September 15th, and then on the 16th it’s the Shepherds Bush Empire in that far flung corner of London that is Shepherds Bush.  The dates are listed as Crosby & friends, so we’re guessing Nash, Stills and Young won’t be popping up – far more likely is the evolved CPR who are now the nucleus of the Lighthouse Band – playing on ‘Lighthouse’ and Crosby’s last album ‘Skytrails’.

Whilst you’re waiting for one or other (or both!) of these dates, you may care  to hear Crosby expounding on a wide range of topics on Alec Baldwin’s ‘Here’s the thing’ podcast (which can be found here) .  Crosby has, not surprisingly, a lot to say on a lot of topics.  Pertinent to us though are his musings on CSN “and sometimes Y”  in particular that CSNY will never happen again and that CSN are just about as unlikely to ever happen again.   It’s ok though, he loves his new band and not having to just go through  the motions on the big hits.  Yeah, that’s all well and good, but we feel it’s quite likely that you’ll still get to hear ‘Almost Cut My Hair’.  Seriously David, that’s non-negotiable.



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