What should I do, Americana UK?

What is the point of music? Is it just an entertainment that whiles away those empty hours, or does it hold some greater significance? Music often throws up unresolved problems, problems that we can all relate to.  Music here offers an empathetic support. Can it go further though, to actually resolve those issues and set us on the right path to a happier and more fulfilled life? Could it be possible that the solution to all life’s problems can be found within the lyrics of one’s favourite songs? Continue reading “What should I do, Americana UK?”

David Crosby is recording with Jason Isbell

Well looky here. During the Newport Folk Festival last year, David Crosby joined Jason Isbell on stage during his performance with the 400 Unit to perform two Crosby, Stills & Nash songs, ‘Wooden Ships’ and ‘Ohio’. They’ve become Twitter pals since then, kind of metaphorically high fiving each other, and then Jason Isbell tweeted yesterday that he “brought a ringer into the studio to sing”, that ringer being none other than… Continue reading “David Crosby is recording with Jason Isbell”

Pick of the Political Pops: Crosby, Stills and Nash “Helplessly Hoping”

Last week, regular readers will remember, we were visited by our friend BOB (Bored of Brexit as he styles himself) much to our consternation and chagrin. This week he returned somehow managing to avoid the man-traps (or person-traps) and rabid dogs of Americana-UK Towers which usually serve as our security system. Presenting himself at the cast iron, quadruple locked doors of The Bunker he banged away for a full ten minutes until he attracted the attention of the least drunk of us. Sadly that particular member of staff (no longer extant) decided to let him in. The ensuing conversation wasn’t pretty but it was a full and frank exchange of ideas and followed this general pattern: Continue reading “Pick of the Political Pops: Crosby, Stills and Nash “Helplessly Hoping””

David Crosby “Here If You Listen” (BMG, 2018)

David Crosby has been on a quest over the last few years to make up for the time he’d squandered on a path of self-destruction. This is his fourth solo album since 2014 saw the release of ‘Croz‘, and part of the process of being prolific has involved having two bands – albeit with some overlapping membership – who can work on different styles or feels in Crosby’s music. On ‘Here if you listen‘ we’re back with the Lighthouse band – Crosby’s gentler, jazzier sidekicks who offer the unusual aural experience of Crosby and predominantly female harmonizing and dueting vocals. The combination of the voices of Becca Stevans and Michelle Willis also offer David Crosby another opportunity he never really had before – that of recording an album with his favourite singer-songwriter, the “better than Dylan” Joni Mitchell. Continue reading “David Crosby “Here If You Listen” (BMG, 2018)”

David Crosby joins Isbell on stage at Newport – Watch

RS Country reported over the weekend that David Crosby made a surprise appearance during Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit’s headlining set at the Newport Folk Festival on Friday to perform two Crosby, Stills & Nash classic songs. They report that “Crosby, who was not on the lineup for this year’s Newport Folk Festival, joined Isbell for “Wooden Ships” and the Neil Young-penned CSNY cut “Ohio.” Crosby and Isbell shared vocals on the former track as the two rockers tacked an extended guitar solo to the 1969 track. Continue reading “David Crosby joins Isbell on stage at Newport – Watch”

David Crosby has UK dates upcoming

Get excited – David Crosby, the one who writes “the weird shit” has announced UK dates for this September.  Don’t get too excited, it’s not what we’d call a tour.  It’s two dates – Manchester at the Palace Theatre on September 15th, and then on the 16th it’s the Shepherds Bush Empire in that far flung corner of London that is Shepherds Bush.  The dates are listed as Crosby & friends, so we’re guessing Nash, Stills and Young won’t be popping up – far more likely is the evolved CPR who are now the nucleus of the Lighthouse Band – playing on ‘Lighthouse’ and Crosby’s last album ‘Skytrails’. Continue reading “David Crosby has UK dates upcoming”

New David Crosby documentary on the way courtesy of Cameron Crowe

Crosby is to play the role of “Benny” in the remake of Crossroads

News this morning from Billboard who are reporting that David Crosby’s life and music will be the subject of a new documentary produced by Cameron Crowe who’s quite well respected for that kind of thing. They report: “Crowe’s Vinyl Films will produce the A.J. Eaton-directed film about the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer with BMG, which is financing and executive producing the doc.
In addition to producing the documentary, Crowe has conducted multiple interviews with Crosby that will cast a new light on the artist, whose career includes stints in the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, as well as a vibrant solo career. Continue reading “New David Crosby documentary on the way courtesy of Cameron Crowe”

David Crobsy “Sky Trails” – Listen

David Crosby has shared the title track with Billboard from his forthcoming third solo album “Sky Trails” which he wrote with singer songwriter Becca Stevens. He told them: “We both spend a lot of time on the road and when you’re on the road, after the second or third week you don’t know where you are. You’re out there somewhere, and all the cities look roughly the same, and you lose track. I know it sounds funny, but it happens to us road musicians all the time, and that leads to a kind of disorientation. There’s no instruction book for this, you know?” But there is David!

New David Crosby album “Lighthouse” gets release date

News from Uncut this morning on the only sometimes slightly grumpy man of americana. David Crosby has announced details of a new solo album “Sky Trails”. The album follows on from Lighthouse, which he released in October 2016. Sky Trails is released on September 29. It is a full band album, who include saxophonist Steve Tavaglione, bassist Mai Agan, drummer Steve DiStanislao and Crosby’s son, multi-instrumentalist James Raymond, who also produced the album. Continue reading “New David Crosby album “Lighthouse” gets release date”

David Crosby “The Broadcast Archive” (Gossip/Hobo/Zip City ,2017)

This live broadcast box represents how good these “archive” (aka bootleg) sets can be. This particular collection is made up of three CDs, two of which have been generally available for a few years. Towering Inferno is a Crosby, plus backing band, appearance from 1989, New Years Eve with the Dead is dated to 1986 whilst David and the Dorks is Croz with the Dead again, this time from 1970. Taking these from most recent to the earliest – Towering Inferno has a mix of songs from Oh Yes I Can, alongside classic CSN tracks. The sound is spot on, no complaints at all. Continue reading “David Crosby “The Broadcast Archive” (Gossip/Hobo/Zip City ,2017)”