Dead Horses “Days Grow Longer” – time to tour again

Milwaukee’s Dead Horses (Sarah Vos on vocals and guitar and Dan Wolff on upright bass) have a new album coming called ‘Brady Street‘, it’s the follow-up to their 2018 debut ‘My Mother The Moon‘.  Today’s song sounds happier than it is, as Sarah Vos explains there are dark thoughts behind it: “The shutdown gave many folks the opportunity to see their lives with a different perspective, myself included. I honestly spent a fair amount of it wondering if I even wanted to tour again. But what I came out with was the desire to try again. I was able to see, again, what I had been missing for a while—what had been watered down by the struggles of the music industry, my own personal suffering, and inner-band conflict. I am so thankful for that second chance.

Vos also expanded on the new album, saying “In many ways, ‘Brady Street’ is an answer to ‘My Mother the Moon.’ The latter was written and recorded in the midst of working through childhood traumas and first venturing out on my own in such an uncertain way. Brady Street takes the intimacy of nature and brings it into the city. Instead of walks through the forest, there are walks through neighborhoods, past all of the old churches and bars. Both records are filled with songs of hope and the search for beauty, as well as compassion for others — especially strangers.

And, no, eagle-eyed music lovers, we don’t know what matching tattoo the pair have just had, even less where it may be placed.  They seem pleased with it though.

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