Video: Whitney Lockert “Girl On a Train”

Photo credit: Jeni Magana

Whitney Lockert’s latest single, ‘Girl On a Train’ narrates a New York love story set on the subway.  Two strangers pass briefly into one another’s worlds before moving onto their separate lives, wondering what might have been.  Lockert’s voice is perfect for such a tale, blending a characterful weariness with a touch of hopefulness all set to an engaging country tune.  Amongst the musical layers, the pedal steel adds particular depth and, just like Lockert’s voice, it delivers a melancholic, melodious, almost-wistful tone.  The video was directed by Travis White, who has cleverly combined found footage, clips from old monster B-movies and images of Lockert in the Broadwater Theater in LA.  The flashing, changing images come and go, like the characters on the train, as he drifts in and out of consciousness.

The song is taken from the brand new album ‘Long Way to California’, which dropped on 15th July.  The record, Lockert’s second, was written after moving to LA following a long period spent living in New York.  The album’s key themes reflect this life change: recognising where you are in the world, seeking something new and different, finding contentment and fulfilment and searching for where you belong.  This is the stuff of life and Lockert approaches these songs with lyrical wit, humour and sensitivity.  Enjoy.

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