Deer Scout “Cowboy” – Listen

By no way of a definitive explanation we present Dena Miller, a.k.a. Deer Scout, who grew up on a diet of folk, spent 6 years writing and exploring projects through Philly’s punk scene, Oberlin’s conservatory experimentalism and New York’s DIY scene before arriving at her debut.  How punk leads to the delicate folk sounds present on ‘Cowboy’ we’re not sure, so we’re laying the praise for that for those who did that raising on a diet of folk – people it’s good and nourishing and full of fibre.  Dena Miller says this though “I used to sing myself to sleep as a baby and I think music still plays the same role in my life—it’s a way of self-soothing or seeking comfort.  But there’s also part of it that comes from wanting to connect with people.

If the tale of ‘Cowboy‘ sounds painful if drawn from life we can at least comfort you there dear emotionally sensitive reader, the inspiration for this story of being used is actually drawn from the character Joe Buck in Midnight Cowboy.

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