Deer Tick “Once In A Lifetime” – not a cover, far from it

Photo: CJ Harvey

Sometimes it’s good to confess – and sometimes it’s embarrassing.  Well, here goes – you know how it can be, you know how it can go down and you just don’t listen to a band for a while?  No reason, other than there’s quite a lot of music to listen to.  So for a while you don’t listen to a band, and then for a reason – like they have a new single out from an upcoming new album – then for said reason you do listen to them.  And you think – god, they are fucking good.  Ever had that feeling?

So, anyway, Deer Tick have a new album out called ‘Emotional Contracts‘, and it has been produced by Dave Fridmann (of The Flaming Lips fame), and it is so good.  Want the evidence? Here it is, the new single ‘Once In A Lifetime‘ which – in the paraphrased words of Steve Forbert – rocks when it should rock and rolls when it should roll.  Want to know something funny?  This had been spun three full times and was into the fourth before this writer got far enough into the pitch that the words “[this] gorgeously sprawling and soul-soothing song begs repeat listens.”  appeared.  And it does!  It really does.  John McCauley explains that “Once In A Lifetime’ is about seizing the moment. You are going to die. Time is running out. Do something!”  And he’s right too, that is exactly what the song is about.

Emotional Contracts‘ is out 16th June via ATO Records – and we literally can not wait for it.

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