Dirty Dozen: Franc Cinelli

Franc Cinelli, 2016Bucking the trend with his free-wheeling alternative folk Franc Cinelli is the songwriters’ songwriter. From uptempo torch songs to blues laden road journals and lovestruck serenades to defiant, prison outlaw ballads; Franc has carved his own musical path.

Tell us about yourself and what you do?  I’m Franc, 37 born in Rome, raised in London.  I write songs about my life and the people in it. I’ve made four records, the last two of which I’ve produced myself. I’ve spent a lot of time travelling the UK, the States and Italy playing music and undoubtedly these travels are a part of my music. I’m looking for something, and what it is I’d like to think I’ll know when I find it.

How did you start out?

My first musical memory is probably that of my mum playing Springsteen’s live lp over, and over, and over, and over. It sounded like rolling thunder, I was just hooked. I learnt to play the violin when I was about 10, and once I started playing air guitar on it instead of practicing my scales, that was that really.

What is your current release/future release?

My new record is called The Marvel Age, it’s a collection of travelogues from an extensive year of touring. The best part of doing this job is meeting folks, and being able to surprised by simply observing. There’s people and places from the north east of England all the way down to Messina that made it onto this record. And I think it’s the first record I’ve made with some proper bottom end on it, that’s important.

What is the best part of being in a band/singer/song writer?

I probably answered that in the question before but I’ll add to it gig riders are an appreciated perk of the job.

What is your most significant moment yet?

Connecting with the audience is the only significant moment in making music for me. That’s probably one of the reasons I love to tour and play shows so much, every night it’s a completely blank canvas and you’ve got to make it work, it’s tough but it’s there for the taking.

What are your biggest musical influences?

JJ Cale, Springsteen, Ry Cooder, His Royal Bobness

What venue/gig do you most want to play?

Wembley Stadium

What is your best/favourite song you have written?


What is your favourite album of this year?

Chris Robinson Brotherhood, “Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel”

What does the next six months have in store for you?

Well I’m on the road for the next couple of months and aside from that, the wonders of music streaming sites have uncovered in me a profound love of bossanova and ambient music, so goodness knows what’s next.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Rockin’ in the Free World, (if it’s still free!)

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