Drew Danburry “Song to Long” – Listen

Over the years here at AUK we’ve come back to Utah based Drew Danburry time and time again, and it’s nice three months into 2021 to hear him revisit a song written and recorded originally back in 2006 (or 13 BC as we now call it) with collaborator Ian Aiello. ‘Song Too Long’ presents itself as a mid-tempo burner in the Danburry indie-folk tradition which builds into something glorious, presaging the work that he would go on to be known for in later years. As the press release puts it, “The type of wild-eyed, fist-in-the-air whelps and whoops of a stage full of multi-instrumentalists coming apart at the seams or Danburry’s affable solo acoustic songs that sound right at home around a Kilby Court bonfire as they do on a large stage.” Amen to that.

Drew has recently returned to Utah following a chapter of life living in Missoula after a long stint in Provo, UT as a popular fixture in the SLC and Provo D.I.Y community. Recorded in the wake of a conscious uncoupling from the State’s oppressive religious monoculture, the second instalment of the crazily good Icarus Phoenix project which we covered on the site in 2020 will be out later this year.

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