Interview: Drew Danburry: “Some of our best songs come from struggle”

Montana based Drew Danburry is having a hell of a year in various ways. Not only has he had to deal with the global madness of the last few months, but how many people have released two albums under a new moniker, launched a new label, moved house and changed job? Drew has or is about to do all these things, but if a meteor comes and lands on us at the end of next week, he will have left behind as a legacy one of the most beautiful records of the year, ‘Icarus Phoenix’, which lands next Tuesday and which he describes as “a love letter from the darkness, letting you know I’ve been there too.” On the day his label Telos Tapes launches, Mark Whitfield caught up with Drew about the new record, why his new label will be only releasing cassette tapes, and the process of starting over. Continue reading “Interview: Drew Danburry: “Some of our best songs come from struggle””

Video Premiere: Icarus Phoenix “Zero One, for Will Sartain”

We’re not far off now from the release of the new album by Montana based musician Drew Danburry under the Icarus Phoenix moniker which will be released exclusively on cassette on his label Telos Tapes, so dig out your players. Created after moving to Missoula after a long stint in Provo, Utah (described as “a conscious uncoupling from the State’s oppressive religious monoculture”), the new self-titled album has lots of Danburry-isms including very long titles and names of friends and family – in one sense, it’s a continuation of everything he’s done before but in another it’s a new start and if nothing else, contains some of the best songs he’s ever written. Continue reading “Video Premiere: Icarus Phoenix “Zero One, for Will Sartain””

Drew Danburry “Expulsion Papers Unearthed, For Micah Again or Forever”

AUK has had a longstanding love affair with the music of Drew Danburry and that’s about to blossom into its latest iteration with the release of not one but two new albums. ‘Icarus Phoenix’ is due out early September but in the meantime he’s released an album of “b-sides” from the record, most of which are so strong in their own right you almost bridle at the thought of them being “B”s and not “A”s. The opening track is called ‘Expulsion Papers Unearthed, For Micah Again or Forever’ and Drew tells us: “This song was written about the murder of John Beckley at the Clapham Common in 1953. It incited the beginning of Britain’s first post-WWII rebellious teen culture known as the Teddy Boy and rock and roll. It’s also inspired by the first song I ever wrote with Micah Dahl Anderson which has never been released (cause this version is better?)” Having never heard it we don’t know, but it’s better than most things you will hear this week.

Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Drew Danburry

What a way to end the week!  We have been delighted to bring you lockdown live performances from great artists around the world, giving you a chance to catch some excellent shows from the comfort of home.  For today, the great Drew Danburry has shared two new songs exclusively with AUK.  Both performances are stripped back versions 0f songs from Danburry’s upcoming album, which will be released on 8th September.  The new band/project and album, ‘Icarus Phoenix’, will be released on cassette only. Continue reading “Exclusive AUK Mini-Gig: Drew Danburry”

AUK’s editor chooses his favourite 10 tracks from 2019

2019 – what a f-king year (and that word is being censored for you daily digest readers). Sometimes music was the only respite there was from the sheer abject misery and terror of the outside world. Sometimes nestling down with a mug of cocoa and some good americana was the only thing that blotted it all out (spiced up with about 5 shots of vodka). These are the ten songs that kept my sanity intact throughout the last 12 months. Continue reading “AUK’s editor chooses his favourite 10 tracks from 2019”

Drew Danburry “Danburry 2003 – 2018” (Independent, 2019)

When a super prolific songwriter has to cull their catalogue for a career compilation, leaving most of their carefully fashioned pieces on an effective second class pile, it must irk. Drew Danburry’s task of reducing his 400+ songlist to just 25 tracks must have been a true labour of love. The only real criteria would be to give an overview of his sound to potential new listeners, and presumably (and hopefully) make it accessible, because Danburry is diverse, disparate and often wilfully challenging. Continue reading “Drew Danburry “Danburry 2003 – 2018” (Independent, 2019)”

Video premiere: Drew Danburry “Mediocrity, For Micah Dahl Anderson”

We leave you this week dear reader with something very special indeed. Sometimes a song comes along that just blows you out of the water and this is one such moment. Drew Danburry owns and runs a barbershop in Provo, Utah, and first came onto my horizon when he played a house gig at my place back in around 2004. To say he made an impression is to understate the evening. Continue reading “Video premiere: Drew Danburry “Mediocrity, For Micah Dahl Anderson””

Drew Danburry “Pallid Boy and Spindling Girl EP” (Independent, 2019)

“The children are called in from their play to drive and drudge beside their elders to and from their pitiful homes …. nearly any hour you can see them – pallid boy and spindling girl – their faces dulled, their backs bent under a heavy load of garments piled on head and shoulders, the muscles of the whole frame in a long strain…” Observed in New York City by poet Edwin Markham in 1907, and quoted in Howard Zinn’s classic text A People’s History of The United States, this signposts that Drew Danburry is a thinker. Continue reading “Drew Danburry “Pallid Boy and Spindling Girl EP” (Independent, 2019)”