Eric & The Soo “It’s OK To Be Beautiful” – at last, some recognition

Well, Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first of another few hundred tracks with which we’ll try and tempt your ears.  And here we have at last a song that addresses a concern of the Americana UK Staff as a whole – how do we manage to live with ourselves wandering around in the world with our beauty shining like such a beacon?  We’re not looking for pity, but it can be a burden being such a damn pretty bunch of people.

Fortunately there’s some balm to our inner turmoil in the form of the latest song from Eric & The Soo.  It’s something of a multi-layer masterpiece and it may well be the best thing we’ve heard from the band to date.  The song contains beautiful performances from Ken Yoshioka on guitar, slide guitar, and harmonica, while Dino Naccarato adds a rock-solid drum performance showcasing a wide range of styles. Dino also takes his first turn on Marimba and Xylophone for this recording. The whole is underpinned by Tim Bradford’s bass, while Eric Brombacher floats his acoustic guitar over top as well as singing.  As Eric relates, “The core concept for the song came to me after an evening of listening to Jazz stylings of Wes Montgomery. I started to hear a guitar melody in my head, which I immediately sang into my phone. The following evening, Dino and I got to work on building the song, and it grew from there. Though I question its commercial viability, it’s a song I’m immensely proud of, specifically as it serves as a great showcase for the talents of my bandmates.

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