Erika Severyns “Ireland” – is it a dream?

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Ireland‘ is the new release from Erika Severyns debut album ‘Places We Stay’, which was produced and mixed by Gareth Quinn Redmond, who has previously worked with Junior Brother, Ye Vagabonds, and Glen Hansard. It was recorded and mastered in Warsaw, Poland by Albert Karch.  It’s a folky song which is obliquely about a relationship which is heading into its end phase, as Erika explains: “It was written when my ex-partner and I were still living in Berlin. We went to Ireland to visit his parents, and I felt safe and relaxed for the first time in months. We started talking about moving here and having conversations about why we’d felt the need to leave our home countries in the first place. We both started to feel this longing to return to our homes, to be closer to family, and to stop uprooting ourselves.

Ireland‘ claims to be a song about hope, but there are a couple of huge red flags hidden in the lyrics, it’s hard not to worry when Erika Severyns sings of how “I spray myself with your mum’s perfume / When I come home after a month away.”   Now, we at Americana UK would never offer ourselves up as relationship counsellors (really, no!) but making yourself more like your partner’s mother is surely risky – ask Oedipus.

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