Front Country “Amerikan Dream” – Listen

Front Country are all about forging a new direction in Americana.  They’ve set themselves the challenge of breaking beyond the obvious connotations of the second half of the band name – but they do this by pulling on some eclectic influences.  Whilst many San Francisco bands might name check  Fleetwood Mac, not so many will alight on Peter Gabriel, King Crimson and Lau. And Queen.  Hey, we’re nothing if not open minded-so Queen as an Americana influence. But not on this song.

Now relocated to Nashville Front Country have recorded their third album ‘Impossible World‘ there.  ‘Amerikan Dream‘ questions the reality of that dream – does it make much sense if you’re working multiple jobs to get by, and just finding things getting worse?  As Melody Walker sings “you’re free to believe in the Amerikan Dream – well the people do when they’ve got nothing to lose.

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