Video: Mary Scholz “Lady Liberty”

Mary Scholz’s vocal soars on ‘Lady Liberty’ as she sings: “Break down the barriers // And tear down that wall // And make good the promise // Of freedom and justice for all.”  It’s direct and open-hearted and all the better for it.  The song is a positive response to the turmoil of 2020, particularly the racial injustices she saw around her.  The song’s message of inclusion is reinforced by the accompanying video, which features the lyrics in sign language.

The Los Angeles-based singer discusses her inspiration: “I started imagining with the song’s lyrics being told primarily through American Sign Language interpreters.  It’s so important to elevate accessibility to the handicapable communities, and in this case to make sure that the message could be received by the deaf community. They must be included in this fight for our country and our people. They are, just like everyone, vital pieces of the puzzle. And, just like the other groups mentioned in the song, often underserved.  I’ve always found the language beautiful, like a dance, and getting to see my words expressed in this way on set (and while I was editing), was a very emotional experience for me.  I didn’t want to inundate listeners with more visuals of the harsh realities we’ve been witnessing. I wanted to create something that would give people hope. To make them feel connected to one another, and the greater goal of equality. To recognise that we are, all of us, extensions of this beacon of Liberty.”

Indeed, ‘Lady Liberty’ is full of positivity and hope for a better future.   Enjoy.

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