Fruit Bats “Rushin’ River Valley” – tour the UK man

Photo: Annie Beedy

Eric D. Johnson should need no introduction by now, and nor should Fruit Bats.  But lookee here –  new album coming out on April 14th.  It’s called “A River Running To Your Heart” and it’s on Merge Records.  There’ll be an extensive North American tour, covering the USA and Canada.  Which admittedly isn’t a lot of use to us here in the UK.  Johnson will be in the UK in February 4th – 8th on the Bonny Light Horseman tour (got your tickets yet – they’re going fast?).  So, don’t give up hope of a return visit with Fruit Bats.

Rushin’ River Valley‘ has a great sound (hit play hit play) and a great back story as Eric explains: ““When I first met my wife, she kept referring to a ‘Rushin’ River Valley’ that was near where she grew up in West Sonoma County, CA.  I really thought she was leaning into a folksy colloquialism, dropping the ‘g’ on ‘rushing’ and all. It took me a while to learn that she was actually talking about the Russian River Valley – a beautiful area known for redwoods and chardonnay and biblical-level flooding.  This song is about true love, and the question of whether we are fated to be together or if it’s all just universal chaos tossing us around. It’s also about ghosts and bad dreams and trying to move forward and climbing over a mountain and hoping to glimpse the other side.

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