Gareth Dunlop makes it to Nashville

Photo: A. Scarlati

Well, slightly more accurately, Belfast born Gareth Dunlop has seen one of his songs make it into the last ever episode of the TV series (which is quite popular around parts of the Americana UK publishing conglomerate).  Quite appropriate really as he splits his time between Belfast and Nashville where he recorded his most recent EP.  The song ‘Dwell in my soul‘, which can be seen in a live video below, was selected for the show by the Executive Music Producer of Nashville Tim Lauer. 

Tim Lauer had this to say about Gareth Dunlop: “I’ve been a fan of Gareth as an artist for a number of years and have had the pleasure of playing on some of his own recordings.  Gareth has consistently provided  the Nashville tv show with emotionally honest lyrics, beautiful melodies and a poetic point of view that just works with picture.  The script provides story and characters so we don’t really need literal.   These Gareth songs perfectly frame the inner landscape of the character and move the story along from the inside.   We’re just honored to be allowed to use these great songs for six seasons.

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