Glen Phillips “Stone Throat” – letting you down, again

Photo: Chris Orwig

This is the second single from the new album ‘There Is So Much Here‘ by Glen Phillips of Toad The Wet Socket fame.  It’s a song which features some self-doubt and recrimination “I want the wild and the wayward / You seek the subtle and quiet / Maybe I’m too damn selfish / Maybe you’re too damn nice” but has a double meaning hinted at by the opening lines “It was the longest winter / and then the shortest Spring / We need an endless Summer / I want to spread my wings.”  Glen Phillips explains that “coming out of lockdown has been a slow process. Getting used to crowds and noise, wanting to run away to places I wasn’t allowed to go for a while, and also valuing the quiet time at home when there was no place to escape to. The push and pull between longing to run away and wanting a strong home base can be a heavy tide… trying to find something that feels like truth in the ebb and flow.”

If you like your laid back Californian rock with a side-order of whooziness and a dash of late arriving buzzing noise to stir you from your reverie then there’s a better than decent chance that you’ll like ‘Stone Throat‘.

There Is So Much Here‘ will be available on November 4th, via Compass Records.

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