Grace Morrison “Broken Things” – glamour of the past shines through

Broken Things‘ is the second single from Grace Morrison’s new album ‘Maybe Modern‘ which was released last Friday.  It’s her fourth album since her debut release in 2017 ‘I’m the Apple‘.  Grace Morrison describes herself as many things –  singer, songwriter, a mom, Renaissance Faire performer, and cranberry grower.  Amongst these diverse roles there’s also a unique description of her songwriting which she describes as “Saltwater Country,” a term she defines as describing the idea that we need the ocean — and all sources of water for that matter — to provide a place that offers cleansing – not only physically, but spiritually as well.  These are sentiments which populate her songs and also permeate her live performances, through the spoken interludes she shares between songs.

Broken Things‘ reflects on a time-traveling experience, when Grace stepped inside her great-grandparents’ house (her great-grandfather was born in it in 1916) for the first time after it had been abandoned for decades. Grace’s great-grandmother’s piano (she played for silent movies) and her super cool Victorian piano stool with claw feet still sat there untouched as if time had stood still. The family Bible was even still there.  The continuity and close connection this experience evoked is distilled through this evocative folk song.

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